Dr. Rank: Kentucky Psychiatrist Held in Stabbing of Woman

In Kentucky, Dr. Douglas Rank, 51, is being held in the stabbing of a woman, Misty Luke, 32. The psychiatrist is charged with first degree assault.

Rank was being held by witnesses when police arrived at the scene and found Luke with stab wounds in the chest.

Rank has had problems with his practice, including discipline for having sex with a prior patient and proscribing excessive narcotic drugs to a patient.

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24 thoughts on “Dr. Rank: Kentucky Psychiatrist Held in Stabbing of Woman”

  1. Canadian Eh – my doctors ask me, a bipolar with schizo-affective and PTSD – what I “want.” I can’t tell them that! I can only tell them what doesn’t work and why…it is frightening that I seem to know more about psych meds than the doctors do. What I want is for a doctor to go ahead and take one-eighth the dose of Seroquel I am prescribed and attempt to swim through it before telling me I just need to get motivated. Dr Rank, during one of his drunken, spittle-flying rages, made a decision during my second and last ten-minute visit to him that has made this past decade a living HELL for me…is there ANY way to get his notes withdrawn completely from my medical records?

  2. I also want to give my thanks to my attorney,who has an awesome heart in which I have seen working with him through all of this. Thank You matt for sometimes just listening to me ramble on.I know how serious that you involve your time into your work.You have been wonderful through all of this.
    Please remember what I said about stress.. Take restroom breaks lol..and maybe try and get home a little earlier to be with your loved ones.
    May God Also Be With You..


  3. Thank You Mom,for being here for me.My thanks also goes out to My step dad Roger,My daughter and my sister.Mom,my heart came from God in wich he made sure that you gave to me.. My greatest thanks goes out to God,I wouldn’t be here today if he wasn’t with me. Thank you everyone,including last but never least,Doug Hamilton,Larry Hamilton,and Little Larry.”My Angels” I love you guys and may God bless you all.You guys saved my life..
    I also want to give thanks to everyone”you know who you are” also have helped me tremendously through my recoverey and emotionally being here for me and my family also..
    God Bless,


  4. Ive really tried to stay quiet but just wana say this is mistys{victims} mother. Please wait til everything comes out before you judge her. I love her and support her with her strong heart and mind.

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