The Shameful Sixty-Eight: CIA Papers Reveal 68 Members Knew of Torture Program

Ever wondered how many members it would take to be told about torture before anyone went public or cried foul? Well, we now know it is somewhere above 68. The CIA has revealed that at least 68 U.S. lawmakers between 2001 and 2007 were briefed on torture. That obviously included many Democrats who later worked to avoid investigating torture and have been relatively silent as the Obama Administration has blocked any prosecution for torture or war crimes.

Judicial Watch has the credit of forcing the documents into the open.

For years, many of us have speculated that the bipartisan effort to avoid any investigation into torture was due to the fear of members that their own complicity and knowledge would be revealed to the public. This latest disclosure supports that theory.

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25 thoughts on “The Shameful Sixty-Eight: CIA Papers Reveal 68 Members Knew of Torture Program”

  1. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but
    it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
    Great choice of colors!

  2. Remember that the US executed Japanese soldiers down to privates for water boarding American soldiers in WW II. This time around, Jesus said that it was alright for Americans to water board & torture.

    By the way, have you heard of the 5 year old boy who had his testicles crushed in a vise in front of his father to make the father talk? America must be very proud.

  3. since every one knows the gov officials committed war crimes and treason why is there no inditements or prossecutions going on in this country? after listening to hillary clintons speach this morning lieing about reastablishing the rule of law of this great nation was just another lie, if the rule of law was infact reastablished there would be inditements and prosecutions starting by now because they have made public statements addmitting guilt of war crimes and treason dickless cheney and curious george bush led this country into war on known lies, the reason they went to war in iraq as found out in the chilcoat inquirey was simply a regeime change how said that our president committed a war of agression against a people because he didnt want sadom in charge anymore, and the war in afganistan was started over the twin towers and building seven that was blamed on osama binladen but the fbi has never wanted osama for the twin towers becaus they couldent find a connection there. so that would mean that the war over there would be a war of aggresion because the un would not santion it .it is very clear as the evidence comes to lite that the wars was done for corpoate gains as in controlling there natural resoures. and the one who proffetted the most was cheneys halburton so its a money grab. if you truely like this kind of buissness that our gov is conducting than do nothing but if it smells like poop to you than start demanding that these crimminals see their day in court from this day on untill the trials begin. its already started in spain, but we dont hear much from that. so far the charges being heard in spain are torchure, war of aggression, genocide, and there may be more that i havent seen yet but the last three is more than enough to hang them and the false flag attack on america to justify their war. congress never declaired war they authorized the use of millitary force they didnt declair war so it must just be a police act?

  4. Yes, Ms. Harman, beyond sending a letter questioning the procedures, should have gone public and accepted the jail term prescribed for national security violations.

    It’s not like she could go to the Bush administration with her concerns and objections.

    And congressional personnel are not the only victims caught in this bind.

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