Dubai Identifies 15 More Suspects in Assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Dubai has released the names of new suspects in the alleged Israeli hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.
They identified 15 new suspects including six new British names, as well as the names of three more Irish passport-holders, three French and three Australian. That brings the total to 26 suspects.

The six Britons were named as Philip Carr, Gabriella Barney, Stephen Drake, Mark Sklar, Daniel Schnur and Roy Cannon.

Police also confirmed that the credit cards were all issued by MetaBank of the United States. They believe that head of the team was using a fake French passport under the name Peter Elvinger, and used a credit card issued by DZ Bank of Frankfurt.

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  1. Regarding Byron’s post on Israel’s revenge for the Munich attacks:

    During Operation Wrath of God, the Mossad`s death squad unit, Caesarea/Kidon, assassinated between 20 and 33 Palestinians who they claimed perpetrated the Munich Massacre.

    Twenty years later, the chief of the Mossad at the time, Zvi Zamir, admitted that only one of those assassinated had actually had anything to do with Munich.

    The goal of the operation was to increase the price any Palestinian would pay for joining the Palestinian resistance. Munich was a pretext.

    The definitive book on the Mossad`s terror campaign, Striking Back, concludes that any PLO operative wandering unprotected around the Middle East was as good as a genuine terrorist for that purpose.

    The same is true about Hamas today.

    FYI, the mastermind of Munich, Mohammed Abu Daoud, returned home to Ramallah after Oslo and lives there now in retirement. All three Black September terrorists who survived the shootout in Munich are alive and well today.

  2. James:

    may I point out to you that in 2005 there was a republican president and congress. They could have secured the goat herders and gone about their mission. It was a mistake made by the seal team leader.

  3. james,

    By that “logic”, Yoo won’t mind when he’s beaten and water boarded to protect the Constitution then, will he? It’s not a crime after all if the Dictator orders it, is it?

    “Hey look! That guy is killing babies! We better stop him!” comes out of Yoo’s twisted mind as “Hey look! The President is killing babies! We better get him a pitchfork!”

    Pure genius. If (and only if) you define genius as someone who is a totally amoral shit bag devoid of a shred of humanity. John Yoo is a sociopath. He’s not a hero nor a patriot. He is a criminal by the plain face of the Constitution. He not only violated others rights, he committed treason by aiding and abetting enemies during war time. That he was providing the Islamic radicals a recruiting tool based in a illegality should be forgotten though because “he was just following orders”.

    Nuremberg anyone?

    Yoo needs a taste of his own Nazi medicine. Which is what would happen in a just world. To quote Rorschach, “Men get arrested. Dogs get put down.” Yoo isn’t a dog, that’s an insult to dogs, but since he endorses state sponsored torture, he sure isn’t a human either. Evil, sure, but any human left in him is long dead if it ever existed at all. And he personally violated his oath to protect the Constitution – and all for his Nazi hero worship of Cheney. “I was protecting the President.” HA! That’s NOT YOO’S G-DAMN JOB.

    You know The Constitution, right? That thing to which officers in government and attorneys swear to protect – NOT the President. See, when you swear to protect the President/King/Dictator over the rule of law you are no longer promoting democracy. You are promoting monarchy or dictatorship – the difference between them being slim.

    Let’s be clear, when the President is a criminal that does not make him above the law or “helping” him be a criminal an act of patriotism. It is in fact the exact opposite of patriotism to aid and abet a crime that not only destroys our national standing abroad, violates the Constitution proper and Federal statute, but kill thousands of innocents as well. Especially since it was all done in the name of Cheney’s profits and not a valid national security interest – like getting the Saudis actually responsible for 9/11 and bringing them to justice.

    John Yoo is a treasonous traitor. Just like his puppet master Cheney. And both of them deserve to be executed on live television as a reminder of what happens to those who screw with the Constitution.

    In a humane and legal way after a nice long war crimes trial too.

    No matter how much I’d personally get a kick out seeing them fed to hungry bears or pulled apart by monster trucks.

    Because I can put the needs of the country and the Constitution ahead of my personal desires.

    Unlike Yoo.

  4. I remember years ago watching 60 Minutes about the son of the leader of Hamas who was an Israeli agent who helped target terrorist. He converted to Christianity and moved to the U.S.A.

    The only two people who are in custody are Palestinians.

  5. TomDarch:

    you bring up a good point about needing 26 people. During the 70’s the Israelis took care of some or all of the major Munich killers by sending a small team (5 or 6) of agents to track them down and kill them.

    At this point it is starting to become make believe by making Mossad look stupid and inept. From the little I know about that organization they are neither. This sounds more like Palestinian wishful thinking combined with the old saying about Arabs, “they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

    He was probably killed by a rival Palestinian faction and they are trying a bit to hard to blame those “evil Jews”.

  6. Off topic, I realize, but HUH? How does the treatment of local civilians during the course of a specific military operation justify Yoo writing memos to gave legalistic cover for the use of forms of torture which had previously been prosecuted as war crimes?

    (Let’s be clear on what Yoo is referring to – Operation Red Wing in Kunar province on June 28, 2005. Some local herders stumbled on the Navy SEALs. They were a small enough unit that they couldn’t hold the herders against their will, so the choice was to either let them go or kill them. That’s what Yoo is talking about – putting a gun to the head of an unarmed civilian and splattering his brains out. Sure, blame the “media” – maybe, these guys simply had some actual moral reasoning abilities and couldn’t simply kill innocent civilians at point blank. Maybe they were American heroes, not the torturing murders that Yoo wants our military to be.)

    Furthermore, Yoo’s statement leaves me wondering, does it matter to him if the US is “the good guys” and al Queda is the “bad guys”? If we’re willing to do simply anything if we get ourselves frightened enough, then what is the US, exactly?

  7. Yoo’s statement today for you leftys:

    I did not do this to win any popularity contests, least of all those held in the faculty lounge. I did it to help our president—President Obama, not Bush. Mr. Obama is fighting three wars simultaneously in Iraq, Afghanistan, and against al Qaeda. He will call upon the men and women serving under his command to make choices as hard as the ones we faced. They cannot meet those challenges with clear minds if they believe that a bevy of prosecutors, congressional committees and media critics await them when they return from the battlefield.
    This is no idle worry. In 2005, a Navy Seal team dropped into Afghanistan encountered goat herders who clearly intended to inform the Taliban of their whereabouts. The team leader ordered them released, against his better military judgment, because of his worries about the media and political attacks that would follow.
    In less than an hour, more than 80 Taliban fighters attacked and killed all but one member of the Seal team and 16 Americans on a helicopter rescue mission. If a president cannot, or will not, protect the men and women who fight our nation’s wars, they will follow the same risk-averse attitudes that invited the 9/11 attacks in the first place.

  8. Just out of curiosity I googled MetaBank and then followed all the links to different sites including political contributions made by personnel listed on MetaBank’s site …. to quote Arte Johnson, “fery inderesding”

  9. These people are definitely Guvernment Employees. 26 to do the job of 1. Gotti could teach you a thing or two.

  10. It took 26 people to kill one guy?! Wow! Doesn’t that strike anyone as a bit much? Aside from the fact that 26 is an awful lot of people to be let in on a clandestine operation, especially 26 in the field at the location of the hit. Is it possible that someone is pulling someone’s leg? Or spreading a bit of mis-information?

    The BTK killer killed 10 and they were all right in the area where he lived and he did it while working and living right under the noses of the police. Surely the killer(s) in this case would be at least as skilled as a mundane suburbanite that worked for Coleman and ADT.

    Then again, maybe this will be made into a movie called the Bourne Conglomeration.

    T. Hunt

  11. “The United Arab Emirates will never tolerate the violation of its sovereignty or allow external forces to settle scores on its territory, no matter what their ideology is.” (quote from the Times article)

    That may be, but it looks like all those innocent people who had their identities stolen, were also violated by ideologues … I wonder what those nations plan to do about the violation of their sovereignty.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dick Cheney is eventually revealed as an advisor to this group of Clouseau-type nincompoops.

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