6 thoughts on “HUMANS DID THIS TO ME”

  1. nobama, the Senate cleared it for him to sign while the HCR summit was going on so that no one paid attention. BTW, I hate when people dress animals up in clothes. They are just beautiful without, thanks.

  2. ” Crabby pants ” face says it all!!
    Wonderful fashion show….I have never been able to figure out how people are able to put these get up’s on their pooches….neither of mine would ever stand for that!

  3. Obama Signs One-Year Extension of Patriot Act – on a Saturday Night Of Course

    With no debate – or media attention – President Barack Obama has signed an extension for what many considered the most controversial aspects of the USA PATRIOT Act. The provisions, set to expire Sunday without the signature of Obama, include extensions to allow:

    -1) “roving” wiretaps, permitting surveillance on multiple phones and e-mail addresses.

    -2) court-approved seizures of records and property in anti-terrorism operations.

    -3) surveillance on “lone-wolf” foreign nationals, who may not be part of a recognized terrorist group.

  4. I see more fighter ace “Snoopy” than “Larry the Lobster.” Here’s my tribute to Charles Shultz:

  5. Are we a little crabby this morning. Its LoBo Dog to the rescue….

    Now lets see the stupid Human Costume Trick…

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