Bullets for Ballots: Maliki Accused of Handing Out Guns for Votes

Political opponents have charged that Iraqi Prime minister, Nour al-Maliki, was come up with a unique version of a “chicken in every pot”: a gun in every home. Critics have released pictures of al-Maliki handing out thousands of guns to tribal leaders to win votes. The guns reportedly have personal messages engraved into them from al-Maliki.

The claim was made by Iraqi National Intelligence Service former spokesman, Saad al-Alusi. He also alleged that al-Maliki is handing out rolls of cash. It is good to know that we are bankrupting our schools and parks to support the wars so that al-Maliki can hand out rolls of cash.

Reports suggest that al-Maliki ordered 10,000 pistols.

The question (particularly for our NRA members) is what messages a politician should engrave on campaign guns?

My suggestion: Aim for Victory with Miliki!

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20 thoughts on “Bullets for Ballots: Maliki Accused of Handing Out Guns for Votes”

  1. Nothing that is happening in Iraq changes the view I had seven years ago. Once we are gone, a civil war will resume, ultimately leading to the consolidation of power in another Saddam or the partition of the country into Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions. And whatever the outcome, the governing authority will not be a secular body.

  2. Pete,

    No they were made in Texas by persons of Hispanic origin. Comprende?

  3. Bob Esq:

    “Who do I have to vote for to get a Weatherby Mark V Deluxe 270?”

    you might have to vote three or 4 times to get that combo.

  4. AY: “Come on to Texas Bob, a free rifle or shotgun of your choice with every republican you vote for. Catch the ballot measures that are on the GOP Primary.”

    Who do I have to vote for to get a Weatherby Mark V Deluxe 270? And would that come with And would that come with Leupold glass; mounted and bore-sighted?

  5. AY:

    Isn’t that a bit outdated, using I. D. to prevent people from voting? If that is what they are doing then that is definitely wrong.

    I don’t think a state can tell them how to spend, seems more symbolic than anything.

    No. 5 I guess you do have a point, but hell doctors want to give a sonogram for a hang nail seems to me some additional money for them. Don’t they have to do one anyway to see the location of the fetus and also to see if there is anything wrong with the woman that might be affected by the procedure?

  6. It figures they were only on the GOP ballot. At one time I considered voting in the republican primary for Hutchinson but as she moved even more to the right, I decided not too. I was actually polled by Rasmussen on this race last week.

  7. Swartmore mom,

    They were only on the GOP ballot.


    The first one has been used historically to prevent people from voting and is in violation of the Federal Voting Rights Act. Also a state may not set the guidelines for Voting in Federal Elections. True you may only get to cast one or two votes.

    No 2. I would like to reel the Republican Out of Control spending too. But when you start wars, what is the choice? Again?

    No 3. Now tell me exactly how a state can tell the federal government what they can and cannot do? Is that the Supremacy Clause or Preemption? Not sure which one to go after. Here in Texas there is no State Income Tax.

    No 4. Amen.

    No 5. Is this not a undue due influence on a Doctor Patient relationship? Does this not conflict with out of control spending by the government that the GOP wants to slow down? Call me naive.

  8. Let’s be honest. Proposition 1 is an attempt to stop minorities from voting. They are probably democrats.

  9. I did not see those propositions on the democratic primary ballot. I got a chance to vote for Ronny Earle the D.A. from Travis County who tried to prosecute Tom Delay for lt. governor and for Kinky Friedman for Ag Commissioner.

  10. It seems to me useless to hand out pistols. He should be handing out M16’s or AK47’s fully automatic and a few thousand rounds of ammunition.

  11. AY:

    I would say I agree with 1-3, disagree with 4 and think that sonograms should be provided upon request of the individual and they should be told they are available if one is desired.

    Items 2 and 3 have been proven correct historically. Item 1, they make us present a drivers license here in Virginia to prevent election fraud. I think it is a good idea. Item 4 is definitely a no-no unless it is a private event such as a professional sporting event or a concert. I don’t think you can demand someone have a sonogram but what is the harm in having one available if someone wants one?

    I agree that a private clinic can do whatever they want in that regard and it is no business of the states.

  12. Come on to Texas Bob, a free rifle or shotgun of your choice with every republican you vote for. Catch the ballot measures that are on the GOP Primary.

    Proposition 1. Each registered voter must present a photo ID to vote

    Proposition 2. GOP says we need to control government growth via additional budget restrictions

    Proposition 3. Stop government stimulus and instead cut Federal Income Taxes

    Proposition 4. The GOP wants to force all of us to acknowledge God at public events

    Proposition 5. The party wants to demand sonograms be shown to every woman who elects to have an abortion.

    The propositions are NOT on the ballot of the Democrat Primary.

  13. Dredd,

    I think I remember hearing about this. I can’t recall the source. Thank you.

  14. AY,

    Remerber when Sadaam’s second in command challenged Bush II and Cheney to a duel in the desert?

    Yep, the four of them were to be dropped off only with 45’s and ten rounds each.

    Whomever came back would win the war, thereby saving money and lives.

    It is reported that Bush II backed out, fearful of going down by friendly fire before he ever found the Iraqis.

  15. Do they also come in versions signed by W with a picture Cheney?

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