49 thoughts on “Seal Swimsuit Calendar: Ms. March”

  1. A) I’ve never heard of the Deminted sisters.
    B) Only if you survived your formative years in the ghettos
    C) Possible….my dad used to drive truck through Texas amoung other states, however that was in the 70’s, and he is only 61 years old.
    D) Hmmmmm….maybe

  2. A) You are one of the DeMinted Sisters; B) We came from the same background; C) We had the same father; D) You are as sick as I.

  3. lol, but sadly AY, I immediately ” got ” the joke…what does that say about me?

  4. I have a very sick sense of humor. I know, no social redeeming qualities.

  5. Ah ha,

    I like to make sure in which I am commenting upon. I know I am going to take a slap on this, but I bet they both have bad breath…..

  6. AY….
    I am still giggling here, I hadn;t looked at Mesmo’s Ms. March until I saw your post asking which I found lovely. Definately the Professors!

  7. Bear: Seal Hunter,

    Nonsense! On this sunny Sunday thread, I choose to believe our bathing beauty is just relaxing soaking up the sun; but if you think she needs more don’t hesitate offer CPR…

  8. EC,

    Thank-you, for the Sister Sarah Palin update. With every bit of “truthiness” Palin shares, the “wackier” she appears, it seems she forgot what they wrote on her hand “stick to script!”

    The Democrats aren’t paying for Palin’s speaking engagements yet; but Republicans will soon be paying for her to shut up. Hence the sweet faux news gig, they have Palin under contract, the evil Murdoch news corp knows what it was doing! (background music-plays chilling laughter)

  9. Now that I think about it, my comment is not really off topic. One performing seal is pretty much like another, after all.

  10. encookie,

    Could you please repeat what you said using the same characters. I almost had it deciphered and then you go and change the first one which has satiated the algorithm. Thank you.

  11. Sorry, I meant “…you (*&(*&#*&(#&$^#^@ hypocritical moron”

  12. When was this picture taken, this Seal has been captured and devoured. This one was old and sour. I am searching for my next meal.

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