West Virginia Woman Claims Trooper Raped Her — and Then Internal Affairs Told Her Not To Tell Alone

A West Virginia woman has accused a West Virginia state trooper of raping her and then internal affairs officers telling her to keep quiet about the crime. She has stated that the cruiser audio system captured part of the trooper’s assault. This is the second rape allegation against a trooper in 18 months.

The woman worked at a strip club and said that the trooper offered to drive her job but took her along a country road instead.
The woman says that she was first contacted by the police that afternoon at the bar before going to work. They told her that they suspected that she had a meth lab in her house and demanded her house key. She gave it to them and the accused officer took her to the police barracks. She states that, once there, the police did not ask her any questions but instead made sexual comments to her, including one officer telling her that she was not worth more than a nickel.

She says that, while still at the barracks, the accused officer exposed himself to her and demanded oral sex. She refused. The officer then allegedly took her to a remote spot and raped her.

She says that the internal affairs officers told her that, if she stayed quiet, they would punish the officer more than would the legal system.

The chief of police stated that the officer was on administrative duty but did not indicate whether the accused internal affairs officers were also on administrative duties.

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  1. Also not to mention I was in there for trespassing when a no trespassing complaint had not been filed. This was all dismissed in the end. I was innocent and had to be tortured and emotionally distressed for nothing!

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