Two Missouri University Students Arrested For Leaving Cotton Balls Outside of Black Culture Center

Two Missouri University students have been arrested for throwing cotton balls in front of a black culture center in an act that is being investigated as a hate crime.

The students were initially charged with “Tampering in the second degree”, a class D Felony. This is a curious criminal provision that covers a wide array of possible conduct:

Tampering in the second degree.
569.090. 1. A person commits the crime of tampering in the second degree if he or she:

(1) Tampers with property of another for the purpose of causing substantial inconvenience to that person or to another; or

(2) Unlawfully rides in or upon another’s automobile, airplane, motorcycle, motorboat or other motor-propelled vehicle; or

(3) Tampers or makes connection with property of a utility; or

(4) Tampers with, or causes to be tampered with, any meter or other property of an electric, gas, steam or water utility, the effect of which tampering is either:

(a) To prevent the proper measuring of electric, gas, steam or water service; or

(b) To permit the diversion of any electric, gas, steam or water service.

The question is whether leaving cotton balls constitutes a substantial interference. The university paper said that the matter was being investigated as a hate crime, here.

For the full story, click here.

70 thoughts on “Two Missouri University Students Arrested For Leaving Cotton Balls Outside of Black Culture Center”

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  2. Minny Gin: Before leaping to unfounded conclusions, you might consider reviewing the historical comments on this site, which uniformly contradict your statement. On this particular thread the subject is the legal validity of applying a particular criminal statute to certain admittedly racist actions. The opinions which have been on topic are lucid and rational. However, one especially angry and bitter individual, displaying complete ignorance of the law and legal analysis, embarked on a concerted effort to express his venom without ever addressing the topic. Racism is ugly, and so is unprincipled vituperation directed at anyone attempting to discuss a serious issue in a serious manner. If you have any thoughts on the statute in question, I am certain that your views will be welcome.

  3. The comments are so ugly in here. Racism is so ugly and you would not think it would be so prevalent in places like this.

  4. Duh said, Tradition,

    You left out Family. When they that close together and as large as they are, it’s a family, but now it’s turned into a crime making it a, Crime Family.

    How bout a little Hank on dis fine mornin while you ask yourself why?

  5. Just trying to mix the thread up a bit Ga.All Star will either switch hit or come out swingin.

  6. Byron said “How can an entire local government be so corrupt?”


  7. I was going to ask whether this was Gerty’s cousin. The style is eerily similar, but where is the crass invective? Would he call someone an ugly and ignorant fool? It seems too polite for him. He prefers douchbag, c*nt, asshole, etc, does he not? He really isn’t that erudite once he gets going.

  8. Bdaman:

    I guess people get the government they deserve. I didn’t read the entire article. Is there a focal point for this corruption or is it a “philosophy” of government? How can an entire local government be so corrupt?

  9. Oh and how bout this.

    John Conyers’ wife was sentenced to three years in a federal prison for her role in a bribery scandal. Conyers oversee’s the prisons. Karma at it’s finest.

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