43 thoughts on “Think Not Lest Ye Be Damned”

  1. Easy to criticize when you do not know what you are talking about… Just makes you look foolish later…


    “This burgeoning emphasis on the agony suffered by the Saviour is a form of pornography”

    “Crucifixion: The sado-masochistic heart of Christianity”

    Perhaps that’s why that church is so against them?

    And most posting here thought it was something else…. who’s laughing now?

  2. Also, it is my own personal belief that the church while in good intentions to educate about the bible, fails to really put in perspective, it’s church members. How many times do you know of, that the preacher asked for imput of scripture he is preaching on. Shouldn’t the imput of everyone be just as valid as the lesson prepared. If you have a topic of discussion, that is fine, but just because you have been ordained to preach does not mean that you understand everything to it’s entire potential. We all have different interpretations to the bible or any other piece of literature for that matter, and the only one who ordained you to preach is another person. I think it is time to realize by now, that the church is not a place of worship, but a foundation of unified beliefs, taught and instilled in the minds, but frowned on if you question anything that comes from the pages of the bible. The only way that we can truly grow as humans, and at least in my case, as christian like people, is to question and seek answers. What I know about most preachers is that they are quick to quote the bible for an answer to a seemingly hard question, but never consider the humanistic portions of the human life cycles. The bible is a great tool, but the mind is a better one. Without the mind, we would not have survived as long as we have. We should, if we choose to believe in God, praise and worship him in our own right, but also understand that we were given the brains to learn and educate to complete the cycles of physical and spiritual living as well.

  3. First of all, I do want to say that ultimately, no matter if you believe the bible for it sole purpose, believe in God, or if you are just an atheist, no matter what anyone believes that you should or should not believe, we all have to place faith where faith goes, and place our knowledge where knowledge goes. It is my own personal belief in God, and some credible things said in the bible, but the truth of the matter is, that the bible does not get you into heaven, the only way that you get there from my belief is having your personal relationship with God. The bible is a great tool for moral guidance, but is also the cornerstone of the most relentless wars known throughout history. The fact of the matter is that depending on how you look at your beliefs, the book may be inspired by God, but it tells us in the bible that Satan is the father of all lies. It gives descriptions of heaven, but very select few references to hell. The truth is that if you were to place your faith in the bible, would it really be a stretch to know that the authors of the book could not have been influenced by satan to murder in the name of God, or even admit the well known fact that the bible does not really detail every instance of sin or acceptance within it’s pages. We must also consider the fact that ultimately, if you believe in God, then you must also take a look at life as we live it as well. My personal belief is that God is a god of rational thinking and logic. I think the miracles that happened in the stories of the bible, may in fact, have a logic to them, but we have not learned the secret to it yet. Look at the world as we know it today, if we showed up in biblioal times in a car, with a cell phone, they would consider it sorcery, because they would not be able to explain the functions of such a device. We often find the worst in each other, not because of God or Satan, but because we want to take stories that are written, and argue the authenticity, when we really lose the most important lessons that not only come from the 10 commandments, but from all the older religions which are really in turn, lessons for moral living anyway. The best way that you can live is really to find your own beliefs and really try to grasp the difference between right and wrong. If you do something with malicious intent, and you have a conscience, surely your heart will let you know when you have made a mistake. In closing, God made us all different, we have different thoughts and beliefs all over the world, so at the very least, let us celebrate our gift of life knowing that we can all teach and learn something new from each other, no matter if we are religious or not.

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