Ohio Man Arrested After Striking Children in Walmart

Ralph Conone, 68, is accused of walking through a Walmart store hitting children in their heads with a key sticking out of his fist for fun. He was arrested in a Columbus Walmart.

A six-year-old boy and his seven-year-old brother was struck.

Police believe two other children were also attacked.

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22 thoughts on “Ohio Man Arrested After Striking Children in Walmart”

  1. Sorry about the technical problems on this posting. It was not supposed to be posted until I edited it this morning. I was in depositions this week, including late Friday.

  2. bdman:

    “Mespo, I give, but not because I believe I could not top that, it’s I didn’t envision starting my day crying.

    If we all remember someone else has it worse than we do, we may have an easier time accentuating the positives of our own lives.”


    Crying for others means you care about their lives. If I could be assured of waking up every day caring only about someone else’s plight, I’d consider that a successful life, and a few tears would be small price to pay.

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