18 thoughts on “Suddenly the Olympic Games Seem Less Impressive . . .”

  1. BTW,Johnny Weir ‘Not Family Friendly’ Enough For Stars On Ice?

    Johnny Weir represented the United States in the Vancouver Olympics last month, but that accomplishment is evidently not enough to earn him a spot on the Stars on Ice Tour. Nobody doubts the American figure skater’s skill: in addition to competing at the Torino Olympics in 2006, he finished sixth at the 2010 Winter Olympics and is a three-time national champion.

    Rather, it seems Weir may have been left off the team because he is “not family friendly.” As GLAAD notes, such a claim “would be a clear jab at his perceived sexual orientation.” The blog post continues:


  2. TomD.Arch,

    Thanks for the link. Amazing.

    Make one wonder when the news will stop being real. Or has that already taken place too?

  3. Yep .. part real, part bluescreen/CGI … all commercially produced “viral video” for the company whose logo is plastered all over the sides of the rink.

    If you want your sense of “reality” while watching TV totally destroyed check this out:

    It’s astounding how common “blue screen” (chromakeying) has become in everyday TV production!

  4. eniobob, “while wearing my skates on my ‘Hands'”

    And this whole time I thought you were using the new Lee™ Press-On Skates. 🙂

  5. Duh,

    We don’t play your game. You play all the games for everyone. Juan Duh, amon re, bdaman, wayne, and all the others.

    You swing any which way that you get the most attention.

  6. Duh:

    Thanks for the explanation,I see that they found it to difficult to duplicate my routine when I reversed it and did the same routine while wearing my skates on my “Hands”.

  7. Gay-1N=sippi/30%er/Jacob Marley/Gerty/Ga.Allstar

    Look man, come on already. I new you would switch hit instead of comin out swingin. Your not fooling anyone especially me.

  8. Gay-1N=sippi,

    Take it somewhere else. Your “game” will not be tolerated here.

  9. Your instincts serve you well.

    Of course the video is a “green screen” production. Besides the obvious, that his head should be sliding all over the place (because nothing on his cap would provide an “edge” to hold his position), the girl in the blue top miraculously moves to the other side of the video without the use of a star trek transporter.

    This video is an add for Samsung. It’s still fun to watch. 🙂

  10. i hate to be a spoilsport…and maybe Im wrong but when he started spinning on his head well I find that hard to believe…our neck muscles are very strong but jeezz if he can do that more power to him its just hard to believe even when seeing him do it….

  11. That was a demonstration of exceptional athletic abilities. And the guy was so nonchalant…unlike the characteristically prissy famous ‘male’ ice skaters.

  12. I had a sneakey suspicion that some one was watching me do my daily routine at the rink,now I have it on video tape.:-))

  13. Some people have all of the talent. Maybe if they had mogul on skates landing in an Ice Rink, I am sure I could handle this event.

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