Ohio Man Arrested After Striking Children in Walmart

Ralph Conone, 68, is accused of walking through a Walmart store hitting children in their heads with a key sticking out of his fist for fun. He was arrested in a Columbus Walmart.

A six-year-old boy and his seven-year-old brother was struck.

Police believe two other children were also attacked.

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22 thoughts on “Ohio Man Arrested After Striking Children in Walmart”

  1. mespo,

    And you thought all we had to brag about was W, Cheney shooting a real estate attorney from Austin. Football, now we have BBall. FYI there are parts of Houston maybe the entire city on some days that makes inner-city Chicago, Harlem and Atlanta, Memphis look tame.

    I would guess that he is looking for an NBA spots for some of his players. Then he can ride the wave. I think they do draft out of high school in some cases, just like Baseball.

  2. Mespo, I give, but not because I believe I could not top that, it’s I didn’t envision starting my day crying.

    If we all remember someone else has it worse than we do, we may have an easier time accentuating the positives of our own lives.

  3. This is sad. I wonder if Alzheimer is setting in or some other form of mental illness?

    I don’t know enough about manic depressive that I could give a comment.

    Hey CCD. Glad you are back.

  4. Bdman:

    “Mespo here’s a better story.”


    Better story; infinitely better man. Here’s my favorite basketball story:

  5. mespo,

    No worries. We both know I’ve been called worse! 😀

  6. Dear Ralph,

    Thrilling, eh?

    To hit a six and seven year old is “thrilling”?

    To quote Peter Gabriel, “Your values are twisted/Let us help you unwind”.

    However, sick or no, attacking children pretty much ruins any chance you’ll have for sympathy from me (and just about every other sane person). Meds? Yep, you need ’em. Therapy? Oh most certainly. But if you do it again? I really hope you do it to some kid who has enough martial arts training to make you forget about how “thrilling” it is to hit kids and start worrying about if your testicles are ruptured or not.

    Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.

  7. Canadian,
    This Walmart shopper needs his meds, but he may need to check his insurance policy to see if it covers him for assaulting children. You are right that this is just one more reason to stay out of any WalMart.

  8. Municipalities, counties and states are financially broke!
    Public mental health budgets are evaporating, mean while the defense budget tops 680 billion for 2010. Troops returning with PTSD don’t stand a fighting chance of being treated and regaining their health.

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