8 thoughts on “That’s Why They Call Him “The Leader of the Pew””

  1. I don’t understand why god would let something like that happen in ‘his’ house.

    Those people are surely not in the favor of the lord.

  2. Crashin’ for baby Jesus! Cool!

    Oc, no “brains” in that crowd could be damaged any ‘Farther Along’ beyond their preexisting condition…

    Sang hit, Brother Swaggart, Sang hit! The Devil hizn’ seff iz a’playin’ ‘dat ivry-keyed pianner…Glory be tae Gawd!

  3. I’m really am curious about the exhaust fumes.

    After all if he sat there revving the engine a few times then they wouldn’t need the Kool Aid, right?

  4. Hey that’s funny stuff.

    I wonder what they did about the carbon monoxide fumes from the exhaust?

  5. Was that a Toyota motorcycle? It sure did look like the throttle got stuck. 🙂

  6. It takes a Priest to drive a flock but a swine herder to drive a HOG.

    Is this the next Joel Osteen? Nah, it Chicago…..

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