Combat Cuisine: India Develops Chili Grenade

The Indian Army is turning to native cuisine for combat. The army has decided to use its infamous bhut jolokia pepper — the hottest in the world — as the basis for a new grenade. The Chili grenade explodes in a cloud of pepper — leaving people blind and gasping for hours. It is known as the Ghost Pepper in the West and urban legends say it can be lethal.

The pepper has a Scoville rating of 855,000 units. It received a rating of 1,041,427 units using HPLC analysis. In comparison, Tabasco red pepper sauce rates at 2,500–5,000.

The new grenade is considering “non-lethal” because people eventually regain their sight and normal breathing — though any dishes will remain highly spicy.

The Army says the grenade can also be used to protect against rampaging elephants.

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  1. Haiku Ode to AY

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  2. AY,

    Sounds like you’ve found a new friend. And she’s HOT! lol

  3. Oh Baby I want to try this. I can eat any Jalapenos like most people eat pickles. I have met only one habanero that was a little warm but the bite did not last more than 5 to 10 minuites at the time. But I thought I could curl mustard leaves at a distance. It soon passed. Now, god is speaking to me again and says, AY try this one. I was just speaking to someone about this very matter just yesterday. Hmmmm

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