Rhode Island Teacher Hangs Effigy of Obama in High School Classroom

A recently fired teacher at a Rhode Island school left a final object lesson for high school students hanging in the classroom: an effigy of President Obama. The teacher and his colleagues were fired as part of an effort to comply with accountability standards at failing schools.

The effigy was found at the Central Falls High School — 12 inch-tall Obama doll hanging from its feet in the room.

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9 thoughts on “Rhode Island Teacher Hangs Effigy of Obama in High School Classroom”

  1. From my understanding of the backstory, several schools are choosing to fire their staffs as one of five or so options the Obama administration has developed to deal with schools that repeatedly appear in the bottom 5 or 10% of their state’s schools in terms of academic performance. I personally love the serious, drastic nature of this new policy, and I’m sure the teacher hates Obama for precisely this reason–Obama meant what he said about holding schools to standards in a smarter way than the Bush administration. Teachers, usually protected by their unions, aren’t used to this kind of accountability–they’re just used to the red-tape, perpetual-runaround variety.

  2. This is another example why the Secret Service is going crazy with their protection of the Presidentg and First Lady. The Tea Baggers are liable to do anything.

  3. While teachers should be held accountable (however, if the teacher was trying to make a point, he failed miserably), I also put blame on parents today who have such a ‘hands off’ approach when it comes to their kids. Unfortunately, too many of todays parents would rather be friends with their kids, instead of being what they’re supposed to be – parents.

    Since teachers must be held accountable, when will be parents?

  4. I’ll go with generally upset about the education system as a whole.

    Big hole with an out of control budget. It boils down to the square root of pie even though every one knows that pie equals square but wait, pie is round. Well, off to the bakery.

  5. It is unclear why the person did it but it is inappropriate in any case. “No Child Left Behind” was Bush’s plan. Obama is trying to change it.

  6. Was he hung because he is a blackman, because he was pushing No Kid Left Behind or because they were generally upset about the education system as a whole.

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