Video: Truck Pushes Car Down Highway at 60 MPH

This is an amazing video. A truck (lorry) in Yorkshire first hits a car and then speeds down the highway while the driver appears clueless that he has added a Renault and screaming driver to his load. Why does this video seem so appropriate on the morning after the health care bill’s passage?

Rona Williams, 31, driving a Renault Clio had time to call police to say “I’m going to die”.

Arclid Transport HGV says it is investigating the incident with its driver.

For the story, click here.

17 thoughts on “Video: Truck Pushes Car Down Highway at 60 MPH”

  1. Several years ago a good friend was stuck in traffic. A semi was right behind her. Apparantly he didn’t realize her small car was in front of him. After pushing her car a few times my friend got out (traffic wasn’t going anywhere. The trucker was horrified to realize that, a) there was a car in front of him, and b) the driver was 8 months pregnant.

    Gives the sign on the trucks that say, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.”

  2. Additional.
    It seems that the Police did attend this incident after the truck managed to get to the side of the road and stop without driving right over the car.
    Both drivers gave statements, (at least the car driver did as soon as she finished emptying her bowels, which would heve taken some time)and that was the end of it untill Yoochoob got hold of the footage. The Police are now investigating further.
    About time the Prisoner was re-run on UK TV. The last time was 1983!

  3. BIL & AY:

    For some reason all of this political mess,is bringing me back to that fantasic series of the Prisoner.
    I wish they would show that series today,I think it would freak so many people out.

  4. I think I saw Foghat or Edgar Winters in the mid 70’s. Maybe I saw them both. I am still a little fuzzy about some of that time period. Slow ride, take it easy….That is the most I can recall from that trip through the park…..

  5. eniobob at the 38 second mark is it not he, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, because because because because, the wonderful things he does?

  6. eniobob,

    How did you know the “Words of Affirmation” I use every morning are courtesy of Number Six? Are you the new Number Two? Who is Number One!?!

  7. Listen to Edgar and Pablo while you watch the video of the car being pushed.

  8. AY:

    are you competing with Elaine for the position of Poet Laureate of the blog?

  9. Odd one this. Apparently the truck clipped her rear bumper whilst overtaking and the driver did not notice for about a minute that the car was now stuck to his front bumper. He is now suspended from work pending investigations.
    I think there will be more to this than meets the eye. UK motorways are 3 lanes per side and trucks can only use the inside 2 lanes. The speed limit is 70mph for cars and 60mph for trucks, but all trucks have 56mph restrictors fitted by law.
    My first question would be why the woman was doing under 56mph in a 70 limit? Limits here are set not only as a maximum speed but also as a recomended speed during reasonable conditions and drivers are taught to keep to within 10% under the limit to avoid causing obstruction to others. From the video I saw, traffic was not particularly heavy.
    I wonder if she pulled in front of the truck and braked in an attempt to take an exit road and the wagon then had to pull out suddenly to avoid hitting her.

  10. Bugs on the windshield, bugs on the grill. I bet the Renault driver did not get a thrill as the lorry driver shoved her up the hill.

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