England Expels Mossad Rep in London Over Dubai Hit

England took the remarkably light response of expelling Mossad’s representative in London over the use of false British passports in the Dubai hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January. What will be interesting is the degree to which Interpol seeks to interview the man, who is likely protected by diplomatic privilege.

England still declines to accuse Israel of any crime in the matter and Israel insists that there is still no proof that its agents were behind the hit.

The relatively mild response by England has been the subject of criticism by international groups given the use of British passports and the investigation by Interpol.

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13 thoughts on “England Expels Mossad Rep in London Over Dubai Hit”

  1. K.Santel,

    “Do I have to worry about the Mossad cloning their passports to use for assassinations?”


  2. This is really kind of scary. My neighbors have dual citizenship and a vacation home in Israel. Do I have to worry about the Mossad cloning their passports to use for assassinations?

  3. Makes me want to jump up and say skippy. I have jumped and now I say skippy.

  4. The Israelis are always pushing the outside of the envelope, as with the expansion in East Jerusalem. Bebe Netanyahu says that no other nation or religion has any right to or interest in Jerusalem because the Jews “built” it 3,000 years ago. The myth of the diaspora-the Jews weren’t forced out of Israel. They left. The Romans took over other countries too but their people didn’t leave for greener pastures. Read the 2002 Archbishop of Canterbury (Runcie) lecture given by Dom Wansbrough. OSB, on the following page for a balanced analysis of the situation: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sben0056/lectures.htm.

  5. Jericho,

    I think the corrections thread is probably the best place to make sure it gets seen.

  6. jericho, don’t rightly know. Seems this is as good a place as any. Maybe Mr. Turley or his associates will see your post.

    Sounds like an interesting story.

  7. OFF-topic question:

    Where could you send a suggestion for a story to post on the blawg? Anyone got JT’s cell? 😉 (I kid!)

    A judge sentenced a mistress to pay 8 or 9 $ million to someone’s (ex-)wife for ‘stealing her husband’….

  8. We can trust the Israeli government no more than we can trust our own–which is not at all.

    Of course there are exceptions, we CAN trust our government to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy our lives with impunity.

    That we can be sure of.

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