In Loco Parentis: School Arranges for Teenager’s Abortion During School Hours Without Notifying Parents

Ballard High School in Seattle, Washington has triggered a dispute over parental rights when it arranged for an abortion of a teenage girl during school hours without notifying her parents. While the parents signed a consent form to allow her to use the clinic, they never agreed that such trips to the nurse would include an abortion.

The school put the teenager in a taxi and arranged for the abortion at a site another location.

T.J. Cosgrove of the King County Health Department noted that “[a]t any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy.”

I have long opposed such a sweeping rule and denial of parental rights. In some states a school needs parental permission to give a girl an aspirin but not an abortion. For a prior column, click here. While I support the right of a teenager to seek a court exception for parental notification, I believe parents have a right to be informed of such a procedure at a minimum.

For the full story, click here.

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  2. It is now 14 months after I originally commented on this article written by Prof. Turley. I revise my original post below.

    Vision Statement of Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington:

    •All students will develop positive relationships with adults and students at Ballard High School through academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities.
    •All students will receive support – academic, social, cultural – in order to take on the challenges they will face, including college, career, and other endeavors.
    •All students and families will join with Ballard High School to engage as partners in supporting and strengthening the school and greater community.
    •All students will develop individual strengths, achieve academic excellence, and be recognized for their successes.

    School officials certainly must have realized that one of their students was being sent for an abortion during school hours and that the parents had not been informed. Did they seriously think this action would go unnoticed? To the contrary, I believe they sent a powerful message to parents in their community: We do not consider it our responsibility to inform you of matters concerning your child’s health and welfare while he/she is at school. But, we would appreciate your support for our programs.

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