Video: Police Officer Stomps on Man on Ground During Arrest

This video has caused an outrage in Victoria, B.C. and triggered an investigation by the police department into excessive force by these officers.

One officer is shown force stomping on one man and then ordering a bystander on the ground and stomping on him. The other officer also appears to escalate the level of violence immediately upon coming into contact with the second man.

For the full story, click here.

20 thoughts on “Video: Police Officer Stomps on Man on Ground During Arrest”

  1. Great avatar. I have replied to you on the nature/nurture discussion in the bullying thread.


  3. @TomD.Arch

    Yeah you can’t beat the Chicago cops or Mayor Daley (the poster boy for political corruption) for abuses.

    Heck they even paid out SIX MILLION DOLLARS to two guys that were claiming abuses by the cops, and the cop’s “investigation” found ‘no wrongdoing’.
    Figure that one out, they LOST two cases in court, paid out millions and STILL claim no wrong doing!?!??

    Then when the city council members wanted police records to see how many complaints there were, Mayor Daley & Jodi tried to stop the investigation.
    They lost in court, and STILL refused to turn over evidence, until Jodi was held in contempt for a couple days!!!

    Gee what other city can top a team like that??

  4. Concerned Citizen,

    While I agree with you, these officers are way out of line based on my training and experience in LE.

  5. while being arrested dont give the cop a hard time and most of the time you wont get beaten. Yes sir and no sir go a long way.

  6. There was a news conference held at 1 PM today, regarding the incident in this thread. I’m still looking for more details. (It must have been in response to the emails sent from Buddha and I) 🙂

    While looking, I cam across this news from two weeks ago:

    Two Victoria police officers have been charged with assault against two brothers who were arrested in October 2008 for public intoxication.

    It looks like the Victoria PD is just maintaining the status quo.

  7. Ahhhh our countries finest at their best….nice!
    ( Please read that with the fine Canadian sarcam with which it was written )

  8. The Victoria pd maintains a twenty-percent charge rate, objectively making them the poorest preforming police force in the country.

    If they do charge the two officers in the video with assault, they’ll be right back at their twenty-percent average, though I get the feeling they’ll fail to live up to the incredibly low bar they’ve set for themselves.

  9. As usual, we Chicagoans can one-up those overly polite Canadians….,0,2275698.story

    Plainclothes cops got pissed at two guys at a taco shop, waited for them in the parking lot, jumped and beat them, then when uniformed cops showed up, they told the victims to “fuhgidaboutit.” Being U of Chicago grad students, instead of being intimidated, they’re suing the cops and the city. (Being the geniuses that they are, the criminals managed to attack these guys right in the line-of-sight of a security camera. Brilliant.)

    Every year, the City of Chicago pays out millions of dollars for police misconduct… Here’s another one (or two) added to the tab.

  10. Buddha,

    Thanks! Jerks like that deserve to get their ass kicked, and I’d be more than happy to do it. Not much really gets me spinning, but I make exception for people like him. I’ve got a 6’2″ 250 lb can of whoop-ass waiting for him and anyone like him.

  11. Duh,

    Good job. Seriously.

    I’m composing as acid an e-mail as I can muster. These clowns don’t deserve to just get fired. They deserve criminal charges.

  12. I wonder what these guys do when there are NOT a lot of bystanders around. Sick.

  13. Here’s the email address for Sergeant Grant Hamilton, the Victoria PD’s Media Spokesperson.

    Make sure to tell him how you really feel.

    “The victim found lying on the ground was rushed to hospital with a head injury, he was treated and released and is refusing to cooperate with police. The combatants were all released without charges approximately 45 minutes later.”,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=273&cntnt01origid=198&cntnt01detailtemplate=detail&cntnt01returnid=227

  14. Ouch another one bites the dust and another down and another one down …..seems like someone is out of control.

    But then again Policia Brutality is as much as an epidemic as aids.

  15. Give me the name of that OOO (I can’t call him cop) in the yellow jacket, and I’ll be happy to fly to Victoria and teach him a lesson. It’s time to start fighting back!

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