“I Wasn’t There”: Amy Bishop Denies Even Being Present For Shooting

Former Alabama Professor Amy Bishop appears to be working on the evil twin defense. Despite witness accounting describing her killed his former colleagues, Bishop has declared “I wasn’t there.”

Not surprisingly, Madison County District Judge Ruth Ann Hall ruled that there is probable cause that Bishop, 45, was there and committed the crimes.

Officer Charlie Gray quoted Bishop as repeating”I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me . . . Every time we asked her a question about the shooting she would say, ‘No way, no way. I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me.'”

This would appear to leave insanity as the only viable defense, which J. Barry Abston appears to be working on that angle.

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  1. Anon Attorney…I was just thinking about the exact scenario you describe. I happen to be associated with the university Bishop was associated with. I try to find the latest news and blog opinions every day. I think you are absolutely right, and also, the notion that she (and possibly her husband) could get away with this must have been fed by her “getting away” with the shooting of her brother. But the idea of pulling such a stunt in the first place is sociopathic. It’s interesting that some of her FICTION was about a woman who has feelings for others in combination with ambition. Any feelings for others seem to have taken a backseat inside her brain long ago. But in creating her fictional character, she realized people are SUPPOSED to have feelings for others, and are admired for having them. She must have done an adequate job of pretending she cared while she was on the tenure track, but it must have also been exhausting, and when she was denied tenure, proved to be for nought.

  2. Now, now. Not so and your smile betrays it! I said at the time and still say it is Jill’s choice not to be here. As far as I’m concerned she’s free to return at any time she likes. No questions asked. No apologies offered but none expected either. Despite her assertions about me and Mike, I bear her no ill will whatsoever. The only person who can keep her from here is the Prof and I know he has previously stated his wishes for her to stay. It is only logical to conclude this would include returning.

  3. Left out the following from my above post:

    Having so carefully planned every detail, right down to borrowing a cell phone to leave no trace, she was in shock when apprehended and just stuck with her “planned” defense: I was not there. She may be smart enough to know that she now needs to stick with her original statement, because insanity is her only possible defense.

  4. Perhaps Dr. Bishop’s plan was to leave no survivors and thus no witnesses to her attending the meeting. If her gun had not jammed, she might have slipped out the door behind her, borrowed a random cell phone to call her husband (leaving no evidence of where she was at that time), jumped into her husband’s waiting car and sped from the scene undetected. Her escape would have been facilitated by the predictable chaos and subsequent campus shutdown when the murders were discovered. If questioned later, she would insist that she was not there. Further, she would point to her absolutely normal behavior when she taught her class just before the meeting and her absence from the campus when it was shut down. If her gun hadn’t jammed, she might have easily gotten away with the murders of everyone at the meeting.

    All she (and her attorneys and family) can hope for now is to be found not guilty by reason of insanity. So far, they seem to be doing a good job at convincing the public that she is extremely delusional. Digging up old stories of “insane” behavior might actually help their defense.

    Interesting case …

  5. How on earth is that a professor if she won’t even take resposibility for her own actions.

    Professors can be mad as Glenn Beck for all I care – some wisdom might just get you mental – but at least confess you are…

    Let me teach her something. Socreates says it harms you more if you’re not punished for your crimes than if you are. Though he did speak about humans with a still functioning conscience.

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