With Friends Like This — Part II

First, President Barach Obama has Al Sharpton proclaiming that the health care bill was simply the fulfillment of his promise of socialism, here. Now, Fidel Castro himself endorsed the plan as a socialistic victory. In the meantime, conservatives are on fire about a clip of Ed Schultz calling for a socialist take over of talk radio, here.

Castro celebrated the passage of national health care on Thursday, calling it a “miracle.” Castro wrote
“We consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of his (Obama’s) government.”

Why do I think there are Sharpton/Castro clips being developed as I speak for the mid-term elections? I can see it now: “Better Meds Than Dead”

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  1. Byron, the only way you could have known about this video is it must be your kin folk. 🙂

  2. Buddha:

    you are not the gastronome I thought you were.

    Have you ever had moose lips and braised beaver tail?

  3. I’ve had both gator and raccoon, but I’m not eating possum or nutria.

    I think I’ll stick to shrimp.

  4. Slarti:

    have you ever eaten Nutria? It is some sort of swamp rat from Louisianan.

    Buddha probably grew up eating it along with gator and possum belly and raccoon. A Cajun will eat just about anything or so I am told. Not that Buddha is a Cajun but when in Rome . . .

    Nutria Etoufee bring it on 🙂

  5. AY,

    Do you mean cochlear implants? I had a friend at Duke (and how about my Devils (and Spartans) today?) who did her thesis research on the cochlea.

  6. Buddha,
    I have enjoyed possibly the most relaxing Sunday afternoon that I can remember in at least 20 years 🙂

    I had no idea that one could have artificial eardrums…in which case if you are having trouble hearing then an audiologist is a must. I have a friend who has been deaf since a very young age, tried the cohclear implants in early adulthood, but found that sounds became too loud. As long as I’ve known him, some 30 years now, I have always communicated with him via lip reading on his part and careful listening on mine!

  7. [Me]
    “I just want to prevent the capitalists from controlling the government.”

    [Byron] “I think you mean fascism. Which I am also against as is every capitalist I know. Now Geoffrey Emholt at GE I am not so sure of but he is an Obama supporter.”

    I agree that most people are against fascism, but what I was talking about is the corrupting influence that money has on our political process. Politicians should not be allowed to take money from anyone.

    [Byron] “Why is the extreme always put up for a moral argument?”

    You mean like equating ‘capitalists controlling the government’ with fascism? The reason is that it shows the argument more clearly.

    [Byron] “Of course a crack baby and the Bush family don’t have equal opportunity at birth. But Detroit wasn’t screwed up by capitalism and that babies mother didn’t have to ingest poison.

    But babies don’t get the choice of whether to be born into the Bush family

    [Byron] Sometimes people are just worthless pieces of shit (the mother not the baby) and there is no helping them.

    If we don’t help the baby (and the mother for the baby’s sake) then we end up with another worthless piece of shit instead of a productive citizen.

    [Byron] You cant make a horse drink and you cant turn a crack whore into a college graduate most of the time.

    The baby should have the right to a high school education (I would be all for adding a 2 year degree or some sort of trade school to that).

    [Byron] “And as far as moderation or the Greek idea of the mean, which would you rather have-a milkshake or a milkshake with a dose of poison? Sometimes there is no golden mean and a thing is either right or wrong.”

    This reminds me of a Simpson’s episode where Homer is going to parent-teacher conferences and tells the kids that if the reports are good he’ll bring home pizza and if they’re bad he’ll bring home poison and Lisa asks what will happen in one is good and the other is bad and Bart answers ‘poison pizza’ to which Homer replies ‘Oh no, I’m not making two trips!’ There are plenty of examples that show that social programs are not poison to government (and examples that show undue influence of capitalism on government IS poison).

    Woosty persists as felis domesticus,

    Thanks for the statistics on wealth – you can find all sorts of statistics like that. My favorite is looking at taxes paid as a percentage of earnings (I don’t remember the numbers, but a small percentage of the population gets 50% of all earnings and pays much less than 50% of all taxes – I would guess the numbers get even worse if you include capital gains).

    AY said:

    “Oh I am sorry, I confused Greed with Capitalism….”

    Buddha stole my comment 🙁

    Byron said:

    “At least capitalism produces something that the rest of us can use.”

    Yes, I’m so glad that capitalism has given us a highway system, bridges, fire and police department, schools, the military*, social security, medicare, a social safety net…

    *To be fair, capitalism has given us Xe (nee Blackwater).

    Bdaman said:


    As someone who saw both sides of labor and management in the auto industry while growing up in Michigan (and being married to a white-collar GM employee with a blue-collar GM father for seven years), I can tell you that anyone who thinks that everything is one side’s fault is full of shit. If the unions disappeared workers would be making sweatshop wages (with working conditions to match) and if management caved the companies would be out of business inside a year.

  8. Ms. Eh,

    I do have artificial eardrums and that has been suggested before. It helps to be able to read lips.

  9. CE,

    Yes I am. 😀 I hope yours was good as well.


    No software fix I know of but you are usually limited by the built on the motherboard sound that comes with a laptop. I know of no aftermarket laptop sound cards, you could line-out to a traditional amp of some sort.

  10. Buddha, can you recommend a program for the new laptop that has more sound that the one that came with it? It is week in volume or maybe its fine and it is nothing but my hearing….

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