Proof in the Pudding: Couple Arrested for Tampering With Jell-O Boxes

Alexander Clement, 68, and his wife, Christine Clement, 64, have been charged with food tampering with Jell-O boxes. Described as a well-off couple, they allegedly filled boxes with sand and salt to get the $1.40 refund upon returning the items.

The couple appears to have a taste for pistachio and butterscotch . . . and, according to the police, fraud. Four stores were involved and police say that Alexander would drive Christine, who would buy 10 boxes at a time. That would amount to around $56 for one round of pudding pilfering.

The gig was up when someone returned a box and it was traced to the elderly couple.

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10 thoughts on “Proof in the Pudding: Couple Arrested for Tampering With Jell-O Boxes”

  1. Unless they lived within a few feet of the store, it cost as much in mileage to return the stuff as they got for it. And then there’s the bail…

  2. “I love it when a good plan comes together.” – Hannibal, The A-Team

    “There’s always room for Jell-o.” – Bill Cosby

  3. Pistachio and butterscotch. Well, at least these pudding pilferers have good taste.

  4. WOW, sounds like my Aunt Mamie. Boy was she ever rich and died so alone…

  5. I heard about a guy who craps in peoples’ cars. Maybe this is a suitable punishment?

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