Getting Dumped: Boyfriend Picks Wrong Car For Message to Girlfriend

There is only one thing more vile that a guy defecating in the car of his girlfriend as a sign of his unhappiness in the relationship: selecting the wrong car. This is why Hallmark is a good option for people like Austin Purifoy, 18, of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

When the owner of a Honda came out to his car to find Purifoy pulling up his pants after depositing his message, Purifoy allegedly said, This is your car? I thought this was Desiree’s Car.” He then fled, leaving the forensic evidence in the car.

He also allegedly broke the passenger side window and cleaned out of the glove box and change drawer.

Well, Ladies, it appears that Austin Purifoy may be on the market again.

For the full story, click here.

Kudos: Steve Mannon

6 thoughts on “Getting Dumped: Boyfriend Picks Wrong Car For Message to Girlfriend”

  1. Shades of Finnerty, that drunk who defecated on the drinks cart on an airliner a few years back. You have now gained a reputation you will never lose Purifoy, good luck finding a new girlfriend, let a lone a job.

  2. This is really funny. Poor Austin. I wonder how his girlfriend would react after knowing this story. lol.

  3. Well Dredd, I went to the link you provided (thank you) and clicked on some other items, like the link about microbes being the tiniest of “little people”.

    As funny as such a notion is, it appears be backdoor justification that the not only the fetus, but the embryo is indeed a life worth preserving.

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