Utah Governor Signs Law Authorizing Use of Eminent Domain Over Federal Lands

In the latest sign of how American politics has descended into virtual graffiti legislation, the governor of Utah has signed legislation authorizing the state to exercise eminent domain over federal lands. It is clearly unconstitutional but that seems to matter little to legislators or Gov. Gary Herbert who signed the two bills.

What is truly amazing is that the state is setting aside $3 million dollars to litigate the frivolous claims at a time when the state is facing budget shortfalls and other economic problems.

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142 thoughts on “Utah Governor Signs Law Authorizing Use of Eminent Domain Over Federal Lands”

  1. Anyone that is against Utah’s action clearly does not understand the details or background. The enabling act which each area, or territory signed to become a state proclaims that each new state is on “Equal Footing” gets the same privileges as the origional 13 colonies. Utah was promised all land within its borders when it became a state. The Federal Government went backsies later and claimed 87% of the state for “The People” This violates not only the enabling act Utah signed but the Constitution itself in two specific places. One reason for the poverty in Western states is because it cannot use the land. timber, or resources in its own state. The Federal Government has held it hostage. Imagine 87% of the eastern states being held by the government, where you gonna live?

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