Jail Bird: Englishman Faces Six Months in Jail for Flipping the Bird at Arab Student

There has been growing unease in Dubai, particularly among foreigners, over that country’s increasing enforcement of morality codes under Sharia-based laws (here). The latest victim is Simon Andrews, 56, who is facing six months in jail for flipping the bird in public.

Andrews allegedly made the gesture at Mahmud Rasheed, 18, during an argument. Rasheed immediately called the cops who charged him with public indecency.

To make matters worse, he has had to remain in the country for eight months — a period extended after Rasheed failed to appear in court. He insisted that he never used the obscene gesture.

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6 thoughts on “Jail Bird: Englishman Faces Six Months in Jail for Flipping the Bird at Arab Student”

  1. never going there. i’d get a life sentance as a habitual offender just going to work.

  2. So I guess they know not what Bye Bye Birdie is….

    Would they be equally offended if a Japanese man was sticking up his middle finger while on the stock exchange….Oh that means to buy…..

  3. 6 months in jail for showing a finger to this cook….

    Andrews would’ve been better off had he put his finger (or his cock for that matter) in the anus of an unwilling 8-yr old.

    Screw Rasheed, screw his country and screw their morals.

  4. And so he should be jailed. Flogged too.
    What’s wrong with him giving a good old traditional English Agincourt Two Fingered Salute?
    Chap should be ashamed of these colonial shenanigans.

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