Happy Passover to all of our Jewish bloggers and readers!

I will be attending a Seder tonight with friends. There is a long suspicion that I married a Jewish girl because of a notorious addiction to Matzo ball soup. Growing up in a Jewish neighborhood, I developed a lifelong addiction to the stuff — becoming an embarrassment at Seder in returning repeatedly for bowl after bowl. (Leslie also makes killer rugelach, which explains why my stomach always passes over my belt on this night).

Best wishes to all of our Jewish members.

27 thoughts on “HAPPY PASSOVER!”

  1. CEJ,

    ROFLOL! I don’t know who I love more, Alicia (she is just sooooooo sexy and talented) or Colbert (not EVEN nearly as sexy to my standards but sooooooo funny, especially in a hoodie). Thanks for the link!

  2. It’s warm in here. It feels nice.

    And yes Mr. Spindell, your voice is missed.

    If we’re going to fix our problems, it’ll have to be all of us together.

  3. Being a Jew-tile,I realy like the cuisine during the High Holy days..I actualy make a fairly mean Matzo(jewish penicillian) Ball soup!

  4. This afternoon I played my cello so that Happy Passover floats through the air. For all those who hear the distant strains, know the thoughts are sincere.

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