Police Burglarize Homes to Teach Lesson to Citizens

Police in Exeter have a curious way of encouraging people to lock their doors — they burglarize the homes. The Exeter police have been going into unlocked homes and putting valuables in “swag bags” and leaving them with crime prevention information as a lesson to the home owners.

This may be a bit confusing for those who spend time in Bristol where police are asking citizens not to lock their sheds to make burglaries easier and less destructive, here.

Police in Exeter are committing trespass but appear to disregard such legal necessities in entering homes without permission for some instructive home invasion.

Police say that they used to rattle unlock doors and windows to try to get citizens to be more careful, but decided that they need to ramp up the lesson plan.

It is unclear what they will do when they encounter a home owner who mistakingly attacks the officers under the belief that they are burglars. Of course, in Hertfordshire police issued a warning to a mother for waving a knife at a possible home invader, here.

This completes the parallel universe that is now England where police invade homes and home owners are told to keep sheds unlocked for burglars and not to threaten possible rapists.

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11 thoughts on “Police Burglarize Homes to Teach Lesson to Citizens”

  1. RAM, yes, it is, because there is no such thing as the exclusionary rule in the United Kingdom. In fact, I believe the United States is the only nation in the world that has such a doctrine in place. Other countries might punish bad actors, but the fruits of the poison tree remain in evidence.

  2. “Democrats specialize in the totalitarian part right on down to… what our doctors can or cannot tell us”

    Last I checked, that was strictly a Republican project, aided of course, by a few misogynistic Democrats.

  3. So what happens if they enter and “find” something they believe is illegal? Is it admissable?

  4. “police policy in Exeter”

    “police police” would be what you clowns are obviously not doing at the moment.

  5. AY.
    Yes, it is often said over here that recent governments have started to treat 1984 as a set of instructions rather than a warning.
    Unfortunately, the shooting scenario that you mention would never happen over here as we have been effectively disarmed over the last 20 years or so.
    I suggest you find out about the Hungerford and Dunblane killings. Also the Tony Martin case will get your blood pressure up.
    Mind you, the cops might get shot if they entered a criminals house………..

  6. Goosestepping demands a white, being in the poultry class and closely aligned with chicken.

  7. Well you could just keep the swag, arrest and charge yourselves a go to bed in the pokey.

    Or you could try leaving people’s crap exactly how you found it.

    Is it police police in Exeter to randomly show up and rifle though people’s belongings to “teach them a lesson”?

    Does one serve white or red with goosestepping?

  8. LOL.

    Cops: the new criminal class.

    I’m wondering if we can use that same excuse? What if we accidentally caught the police in the act of teaching us a lesson and shot them just to show the police what happens when we come home to find our house being burglarized?

    This reminds me of democrats and republicans.

    Both groups are rushing America towards a totalitarian police-state (another sign of the collapse of civilization).

    Democrats specialize in the totalitarian part right on down to the foods we eat and what our doctors can or cannot tell us, and republicans specialize in the police-state part with their cop and soldier worship. Of course there is a great deal of cross-pollination between the two forms of tyranny as many dems adore various features of the police-state and many reps cozy up quite comfortably to totalitarianism.

    And so I often find myself responding sarcastically responding to these clowns (dems or reps):

    ” well, if we had a cop in every ones home, then we could be sure that people are not breaking laws or being victims of crimes.”

    The creepy part is when it appears they think it might be a good idea, or when they tell me it would be too expensive.

    I think I’m going to stop joking about that. It probably will give someone who wears a Halloween costume, a badge, and carries handcuffs and tasers a very dumb idea.

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