Owner of New Mexico Company Arrested After Human Head and Torso Found in Container

And you thought the Giraffe in the trash in New Mexico was bad, here. Bio Care owner Paul Montano was arrested after a human head and torso were inside the red biohazard tub that was shipped from his New Mexico business.
After that discovery, six more heads and torsos were reportedly found — allegedly dismembered with a chain saw or another cutting device and sent by the Albuquerque company Bio Care Southwest.
It now appears that families who donated their loved ones for medical research may not have received the actual ashes of their relatives.

This obviously raises both criminal and tort liability questions in the mishandling of human body parts.

For the full story, click here.

10 thoughts on “Owner of New Mexico Company Arrested After Human Head and Torso Found in Container”

  1. best to rethink New Mexico as a medical tourism destination….;)

  2. His pastor was later overheard saying, “Jesus! I wonder what he puts in the plastic Easter eggs?”

    To which Jesus replied, “I don’t answer rhetorical questions for humorous intent. Let me give you Loki’s number.”

  3. I think this article does a good job enumerating the many ways that that the standard of Bio Care’s services are head and shoulders above their competition. Kudos to Paul Montano!

  4. “How did those get in there?” Maybe those doctors who did a Ceasarian on the woman who wasn’t pregnant can find what they are looking for at Bio Care!

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