A happy Easter to all of our Christian bloggers and readers. I am sitting here at midnight after the arrival of the Easter Bunny, who left four baskets brimming with candy for the kids. I must confess to having yielded to temptation with regard to the chocolate covered peanut butter cups.

We are preparing for our annual Easter Egg hunt when we invite all of the neighborhood kids for a massive search for hundreds of eggs. We should have around 40 kids this year.

I have the mustard and garlic coated legs of lamb marinating overnight for our dinner tonight with friends. With good wine and good friends and great weather, this should be a perfect Easter in McLean.

Best wishes to everyone joining in on Easter celebration today.

15 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!!!”

  1. Anon Nurse,

    Add a graham cracker and a chocolate bunny ear and you’ll be enjoying Easter smores…yum!!

  2. Since “Peeps” have been mentioned, I’ll pull this over from another thread.

    (I agree, AY. Also something wrong with “skewering” Peeps, I think, but I can’t put my finger on it. – comment to AY on the rabbit thread.)

    I can’t get the link to post, so go to salon.com and search for the Toasted Peeps Brulee recipe.

    “Peeps brûlée! Like toasted marshmallows, but awesomer”

    The author (Francis Lam) writes:

    1.Skewer a Peep. The thing is, flat surfaces give you the best results, because they can heat and caramelize relatively evenly, which is why I like the bunnies. But a chick Peep’s head, for instance, is just going to burst into flames before the rest of the body gets hot enough. Which, granted, is kind of awesome to look at, but not so much to eat. So I prefer the flatter bunnies, and I go in with the skewer between the ears — so it looks like a Peep lollipop — to toast their wide bellies, and because this way I kill the Peep instantly. Er, ignore that.

    And the chicks do have great, flat bottoms, so I skewer them lengthwise, like so: (refer to link)

    3.Turn your flame on high.

    4.Start waving your Peep over the fire, letting the flames touch the surface of the sugar. After a couple of seconds, take a look: What you want, as much as possible, is an even, light brown caramel. Now, realistically, that’s not going to happen. The edges are probably going to get darker, the middle might not brown at all, and, if it’s taking too long and you’re starting to cook the Peep, it will start to puff up and deform. It’s all OK, just know that your bunnies are going to start looking like spacemen with oversize helmets and the chicks are going to start looking like puffy sneakers from the ’80s. Just keep waving the Peep over the flame, check on it every two seconds or so, and make sure a few things happen: you get some caramelized browning, the sugar on the parts that don’t brown at least turns glassy-looking, and you DON’T BURN IT. Blow out any flames right away, and if it’s starting to get dark brown, stop, unless you really like the bitter taste of char. If you’re working with bunnies, flip and caramelize the other side. If you’re using chicks, just kind of give the sides a perfunctory go at it, but pretty much the best stuff happens on the bottom.

    Okay. Maybe it’s just me. They’re just Peeps, but is nothing sacred?

    Anyway, Happy Easter to all.

  3. Elaine,

    A little applied genealogy would suggest that yellow Peeps™ came first as they are from the class Aves which are commonly thought the lineal descendants of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurs versus the relatively late on the scene Mammalia ancestry of bunnies.

    But the fossil record is incomplete so it is at best an educated guess.

  4. I haven’t been visiting the Turley blog much in the past few days–too much cooking and baking to do for Easter. I’m finished–now all we have to do is transport the cakes and pies and kielbasa and deviled eggs and wine, etc., to my sister’s.



    What about Peeps™?

    Remember that age-old question from the New Testament that no one has been able to answer: What came first yellow Peeps™ or chocolate bunnies?

  5. Buddha,
    Oooops…meant to post that Easter greetings here. I guess the temptation of being surrounded by hidden chocolate eggs is messing with my brain this morning!! I must now go and prepare the homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing that my family looks forward to every Easter dinner.
    Happy Easter all!

  6. And lo, the Lord sayeth unto them, “Eat the chocolate bunnies! Muahahaha!”

    This bit was left out of the Bible by the Council of Nicea.

    I know.

    I looked. So did Bill . . .


  7. For food safety, every kid needs an all-seaon/holiday candy taste-tester Dad.

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