“The Beef Jerky Got Me”: Man Avoids Jail With Weighty Argument

George Jolicur in England has succeeded in avoiding jail by emphasizing not the weight of the evidence but the weight of the culprit. Jolicur is listed as weighing “42 stone” — for yanks, a stone is 14 pounds. That would make Jolicur 588 pounds.

Jolicur was arrested for going into restaurants and stores and eating most of dishes before claiming that they were bad or spoiled.

Jolicur, 38, was finally arrested after eating almost £30 worth of jerky in a restaurant before returning the last few pieces with a complaint that they were moldy.

When he was arrested, he reportedly exclaimed “The beef jerky got me.” Perhaps but the jerky also helped set him free.

Prosecutors said that the cost of incarceration in medical and logistic costs was too high and therefore agreed to a guilty plea and left him at home.

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  1. He should be jailed and forced to dance to Micheal Jackson for 6 hours a day like in some other countries. How much does a CD, Player and earplugs for the armed guard cost in the UK?

  2. Hmmmm, maybe a sentence outside of a candy store…..Look but don’t touch….

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