Sixth Grader Arrested At Request of Parents After Giving Away Mom’s Jewelry

Police in Callaway, Florida arrested a sixth-grade child at the request of his step father after the boy took the mother’s jewelry and gave it away to other kids.

The step father insisted on the arrest after the boy took $7,000 worth of his mother’s jewelry and handed out diamond, emerald, and sapphire jewelry at school.

The boy was booked into the Bay County Jail on grand theft charges.

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30 thoughts on “Sixth Grader Arrested At Request of Parents After Giving Away Mom’s Jewelry”

  1. I’ve been a kid in the 80’s, the 90’s the 00’s and soon the 10’s and I blame my terrible youth on those old farts from the 50’s and 70’s that did EVERYTHING themselves, but when it came time for their kids to have some fun, well NOBODY was alowed to do ANYTHING anymore, isn’t it?

    Whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll
    now we just have AIDS, crack and techno.

    So, PLEASE do not effin remind me of the good ol’ days, mmmkay. Sure as hell wasn’t my generation that funked it all up. We only just arrived here when disco had already done the damage…

    The earth is round, the world is flat

  2. eniobob,

    That’s almost perfect. The only thing I would add is that there were only 12 channels on TV and if you didn’t have cable yet you might have had to stand next to the TV and hold the rabbit ear antenna in a specific way while you stooped over to see the screen. I was born in ’62 so the 60’s and 70’s are my reference points.

  3. Blouise.

    Being a kid in the UK in the 50’s was not such a good thing.

    Apart from the post war austerity that we were going through, many kids would not have had Dads, having lost them in the war.

    So I’m glad I was born a bit later.

  4. I was a kid in the 60’s, and went to a summer camp where they would put thirty or so of us in the back of 4-ton flat-bed truck (it did have four-foot-tall wooden-slat walls) for commuting back and forth for group hikes. On highways. At 50 mph.

    We used to climb up the slats for the view or do as you did – look over the cab with the wind in our hair. Usually got ice cream cones on the trip back – those were some glorious times. 🙂

  5. Maaarghk!

    ” … I was a kid in the 70’s – definitely THE best decade to be a kid in!”


    You puppy! I was a kid in the 50’s … cars with fins … the first Corvettes … all the teenage boys had hot-rods and the girls wore poodle skirts … the cops never arrested you for anything, just gave you a good talking-to … sock-hops … 3.2 beer … rock “n roll … cherry popsicles … drive-ins … West Side Story … transistor radios … there were no crowd barriers around the Grand Canyon or Old Faithful … teenage girls screamed wildly when they saw Senator Jack Kennedy … and the world was safe ’cause your parents had defeated Hitler ………….

  6. Only “over 30”?!!! Bunch of kids yerselves.
    I was a kid in the 70’s – definitely THE best decade to be a kid in!
    Me and my mate Onder on a summer afternoon riding in the back of a tipper truck, looking over the top of the cab. Wind in our hair, no t-shirts and no sun screen.
    For a 10 year old working class English lad life could not be any better.
    Now the poor truck driver would get locked up, his license taken away and us lads would have been “abused”.
    So just maybe kids today really don’t have it better. Easier perhaps, but will this equip them for adult life?

  7. I think I should have given the two separate comments in my last post their own individual posts.

    Sorry if I confused anyone

  8. After reading Nal’s and Woosty’s still a Cat’s excellent posts, I’m not going to second guess the parents until I know more.


    Mrs. mespo727272 sounds like a very wise woman

  9. eniobob….
    That’s definately one that I plan to point out to the boys with hope that it will stop the daily ” I CALL SHOT GUN ” ….” NO ICALLED IT FIRST ” debate 🙂

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