When Husbands Attack

Hubby needs a treat.

This looped video is going viral of a man describing a pack of dogs. The face of the wife is pretty hilarious. It appears that she has to choose between the rabid dog in the house or the pack of dogs outside. The guy does a pretty good imitation of a mad dog — particularly when played over and over.

Other wives have more adorable Man-Dog combinations:

9 thoughts on “When Husbands Attack”

  1. The expression on the wife’s face is priceless. She has been married to sound effects guy for a long time.

  2. “Other wives have more adorable Man-Dog combinations…”

    Rut-roh, wait til Rick Santorum hears about this!

  3. Sure JT make fun of the dog owner. Let’s see your reaction when the GoldenDoodle needs to “go for a walk” at 2:00 a.m.

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