Catholic Priest Arrested In Prostitution Sting

Rev. William Ventura, 31, of St. John the Evangelist Church in Chelmsford was one of eight men arrested this week in a prostitution sting.

The eight men were arrested after responding to a Craigslist advertisement by showing up to a local hotel with the intention of paying for sex

Ventura wisely agreed to take a leave of absence and
Archdiocese spokesperson Terrence Donilon said Ventura was ordained in 2006.

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18 thoughts on “Catholic Priest Arrested In Prostitution Sting”

  1. All catholic priests are governed by Canon Law and the Word of God called Scriptures. Whatever he does in secret, thinking he will not be discovered? Therefore consentual does not apply to priests. Be assured that he will be exposed. The Bibles sys that whatever is concealed in darkness all will come out into the light. Meaning all will know the truth of his behaviour.
    I ask you if you or someone you know has been molested please email us. If you were molested as a child or are an adult man or woman.

  2. Chyro,

    I don’t think that the church should be held accountable for the priest’s actions (in fact, I don’t think that what the priest did should be illegal), but I think that this sort of episode should be held up as a shining example of the church’s hypocrisy in the hopes that it will help either convince the church to reform or convince its followers to seek spiritual guidance elsewhere. After nearly 2 millennia it’s long past time for humanity to be rid of this corrupt, reactionary organization and all of the grief it’s caused. I have faith that other organizations would be created to replace the good that the church does.

  3. Slartibartfast: The church should be blamed for defending criminals, but I’m not sure the church should be held accountable for the actions of every individual priest. Loss in credibility sounds like punishment enough for the church in this specific case. Of course if they argue it didn’t happen or try to invoke special immunity, it’s a different problem.

  4. AY,

    Assuming that he was looking for a person over the age of consent it’s still hypocrisy that should give the church another well deserved black eye (they’re getting so many shiners it’s a wonder they can see anything…). As far as legality goes, I agree with you – George Carlin said it best: “Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal?”

  5. gee, seems like I’m the prude here….
    if you don’t like the law, fine…but as long as it’s the law enforce it or CHANGE it before you lay open the floodgates…

    cause it’s not so much about what happens in that room between those peeps when it’s against the law. Those actions change thinking that leads to more progressive actions later. Which is lovely in more legal-type transactions…

  6. It appears, reading the whole story and then the comments that this was a traditional sting. Female cop. If it involved a male cop, the headlines would have been very different.

  7. I don’t really understand why everyone seems to be throwing stones at this guy. He’s not raping children, it’s rather a good start isn’t it? At least his faults don’t ruin people’s lives.

  8. You just can’t trust those darn Homosexual priests! I guess we should be happy that there were no children involved in this ring.

  9. Regardless of whether you are male or female you pay for it one way or the other. This is a more honest approach to the transaction. Even brokerage accounts have transaction fees. Two maybe more consenting adults paying for sex does not bother me. It is the first tenant of free market capitalism.

  10. “Then what the hell is the problem with this picture?”

    so maybe the paying for it part was a no-no…

  11. Thank you EC and Hans, sorry I missed that one…….Touche’

  12. Hello Pope … another spiritual leader needs your mercy so he can continue to guide his congregation in the ways of christianity

  13. Was it for sex with a woman or man? Come on get with it. If it was a woman or man over the age of consent and not confessional consent. Then what the hell is the problem with this picture?

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