Well, here is the newest addition to the Turley clan: Molly, our ten-week-old Goldendoodle.

As we try to find a gate long enough, we have been awed by Molly’s ability to break down of any barrier. She has learned to move chairs and even pull a door open. She is a love sponge and insists on being next to you at all times.

One of the strangest quirks is how she sleeps: on her back like a possum playing dead:

I have also found her passed out next to her bowl like some drugged out Hollywood starlet:

Putting aside her amazing skills as a safecracker and burglar, Molly has us all wrapped around her paw. While I wanted to name her Moxie, the kids overruled me so Molly it is. (Perhaps Moxie Molly as a nickname).

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  1. We, too, have a chocolate G.D.–named Truffle. Molly looks a lot life Truffle . . . who is now 15 months old and very smart. She, also, assumes the possum position–in her case in order to be petted. Enjoy!!!!!


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