Phelps Responds To Westboro Column

Margie Phelps, the lawyer representing Westboro in the current Supreme Court case and daughter of the Church’s founder, has responded to my recent column on that case. Since I do not believe it was published, in fairness I am publishing it in full on the blog:

Dear editor,

This responds to Jonathan Turley’s special about costs awarded to us in the funeral picketing case.

He’s right in a sense—the courts have been cut off from the average person, by prohibitive costs, sanctions, and cumbersome rules. That was done purposefully because this nation is not righteous, and has no mercy.

He’s wrong suggesting costs are unfair in this case. When you make a decision in the cold light of day to use the courts to vent your spleen – making the whole case about your hurt feeeeeeel-liiiiiiings – utterly ignoring longstanding constitutional principles, there should be some consequence. After all – you folks in Washington love to pound the table, puff up, and harrumph, “This is a nation of laws!”

Some things are immovable. Everyone is talking about the soldiers – their lives, their deaths and their funerals. Everyone is talking about the raping priests. Everyone is talking about same-sex marriage. All those issues are bound up scripturally in these dying soldiers. Stop sinning; they’ll stop dying. What answers does the Pentagon have to stop their deaths? That public dialogue is one we have every right to join—whether you hate the words or not. The funerals are public free-for-alls, with politicians, media, veterans and military sprawled all about with flapping mouths and flags.

It was wrong-minded of the faithless father and his military lawyer to ever file that lawsuit. The Fourth Circuit cited multiple Supreme Court cases in overturning the runaway verdict. Abusing the legal system in the hopes of jury nullification is wrong. Requiring a party in that instance to reimburse a modest portion of the costs of litigation to the abused party is fitting.

Margie Phelps
Member/attorney, Westboro Baptist Church
Topeka, KS

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  1. “Is there someone who can explain to me what makes misanthropes like Margie tick?

    Well, part of it is… (wait for it)… Scripture. Is it their fault the Good Book is chock-a-block full of vile pronouncements by a cruel, malevolent, insecure, jealous, and violent deity? I mean, there’s a lot more in that incoherent tome then peace, love and understanding.

    With test scores plummeting nationwide, should we be criticizing a family that reads with mad good comprehension skillz?

  2. Whatever your opinion of her or her beliefs, Ms. Phelps is a well-credentialed lawyer.


    Margie J. Phelps is a sole practitioner who serves as co-counsel with this firm on select cases.

    Margie earned her B.A. in Corrections/Criminal Justice in 1978 from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. In 1980, she received her Juris Doctor from the Washburn University School of Law where she earned the Goodell Moot Court Award, and she began the practice of law in 1981. In addition, Margie earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas in 1993. Margie is currently licensed to practice before all Kansas Courts, state and federal, the United States Courts of Appeals for the 4th & 10th Circuits, and the United States Supreme Court.

    Margie is also a corrections manager and has an active consulting practice. She accepts cases by referral from Phelps-Chartered and specializes in the areas of employment and constitutional law, appellate practice, and medical malpractice. For information on retaining Margie, please contact Phelps-Chartered.”

    End Quote

  3. Anonymously Yours


    Lab Rats have value.


    As long as they’re kept in cages. Allowed to roam free and fornicate … well, look what you get ……

  4. Part of what make this country great eh….even the completely insane get their day in court and win…her argument makes no sense to me ( the scripture part or whatever she is talking about), the free speech part I get.

  5. Elaine M.


    Could be that people like the Phelpses descended from a different evolutionary line than most of us–maybe misanthropus or homphobus erectus.


    They probably don’t believe in evolution which means they sprung into being from another source … perhaps lab rats

  6. Elaine – “homphobus erectus”

    Ah’m pretty sure Phred and his Phamily would consider them fightin wurds! Don’t go callin them no homo-nuthins, expecially with erectuses.

  7. Phred Phelps is a phriggin genius.

    Have you seen how many people are protesting against their hateful message?

  8. Fred is mentally ill — a constellation of personality disorders on crack. The rest of them? Genetically predispositioned for the same and forcefully shaped to follow in Fred’s footsteps. The few non-related hangers on must have interesting, sorry stories and likely fall into the malleable cult member-like category.

    My husband grew up in Topeka and knew some of the 13 kids. I still don’t understnad why Fred’s never been institutionalized or put in prison for child or spousal abuse. One of his sons tells a pretty horrific tale:

  9. Blouise–

    Could be that people like the Phelpses descended from a different evolutionary line than most of us–maybe misanthropus or homphobus erectus.

  10. Elaine M.

    I’m going to take a stab at your question.

    Many people need and use religion as a personality crutch. The problem is that the longer one leans on a personality crutch, the more crippled the personality becomes.

    As proof I offer up C Street Church, Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple, pedophile priests, and modern day Muslim suicide bombers.

  11. Margie

    “Stop sinning”
    May I suggest you take your some of your own advice?

    I–and I believe many others–have a difficult time trying to understand how you and the other members of your “church” can harbor so much hatred for your fellow human beings.

    Is there someone who can explain to me what makes misanthropes like Margie tick?

  12. Ah, the Prophet Complex in full bloom … thus they speak as a messenger of the gospel and view themselves as discharging the prophetic office when they claim “this nation is not righteous, and has no mercy” and then “Stop sinning; they’ll stop dying. ”

    John the Baptist prophesized to his followers about Jesus “ … I would not have known him, except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, ‘The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God.”

    When John’s followers later came to him complaining that the disciples of the man, Jesus, were now baptizing and thus stealing those who would have come to John for baptizing, John responded, “He must become greater; I must become less”.

    And so Westboro Baptist Church fails the test of scripture when juxtaposed to the last great prophet of the bible, John the Baptist, for they have not, in their prophetic ways, “become less so that He becomes greater”

    Like so many of the “mega-church preachers” who also claim a prophetic calling, Westboro Baptist Church has confused the spelling … using religion for profit does not make one a prophet.

  13. What mespo said.

    And . . .



    Less lead.

    More chlorine.

    ‘Nuff said.

  14. Methinks the jackass doth protest too much. As ckennedy rightly reminds us Maggie and her gang or self-righteous braying believers wrote the book on abuse.

    Her statement that: “That was done purposefully because this nation is not righteous, and has no mercy,” is quite correct. Were it so, she and her band of buffoons would answering in damages to the families of servicemen and women she abused. Hurt feelings of surviving parents and family may mean nothing to her, but she would do well to pull out that correspondence school law degree and become familiar with the concept of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    I anxiously await the next lawsuit against them, and her pious opinion of its inevitable “fitting” conclusion.

    “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me …”

  15. Very decent of the professor to show decency by letting the other side be heard.

    Another case about storms, albeit storms of the non-mental kind, is being heard en banc in May before the Fifth Circuit.

    That case is controversial and heated too.

    In involves a lawsuit against oil barons for tort claims alleging the oil companies caused global warming which injured plaintiffs.

    “Speculative damages” yell the oil barons, but if a scientist who predicted the current volcano eruption over 2.5 years ago is to be heard, he says global warming has always caused volcanic and earthquake activity in past history.

    He specifically named the volcano that erupted over 2.5 years ago, indicating that when the ice melts it shifts the pressures on the tectonic plates and always causes volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

    As you know, he was correct, the volcano has erupted and shut down air traffic over Europe.

    We do not have to wait for damage from global warming.

  16. And she does have a point. Topeka, KS you say? Where have I heard about a case called Brown before…..

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