City Backs Down From Smoking Ban for Employees in Their Homes and After Hours

The officials in Brooksville, Florida have shelved a controversial measure that would have required city employees to quit smoking and disqualifying others from employment who are already smokers.

The city council also proposed a policy to forbid employees and citizens alike from smoking or chewing tobacco on any public property or property being used for a city function — including in her personal vehicles.

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10 thoughts on “City Backs Down From Smoking Ban for Employees in Their Homes and After Hours”

  1. I had posted the following at
    I noticed that no relpy was made to my post and perhaps the public should be asking the same questions.

    Smoking Bans are money losers. Can anyone, ANYONE, show me where a smoking ban has reduced health care cost? Can anyone Anyone show me or tell me where health insurance premiums have been lowered with smoking bans? Can anyone ANYONE tell me where income taxes or any other taxes have been lowered due to smoking bans?
    Now we know the anti smoking cartel watches tobacco related blogs like a buzzard awaiting a road kill. So here is the chance for them to speak up or shut up!
    How about it Mayor Lara Bradburn “That’s being a fiscally responsible employer,” she said. Well please tell us what the savings are as I have never heard ANY HARD FIGURES ON THE SO CALLED SAVINGS. Will it reduce city income taxes? Well it best right? Will be looking for a answer here if the press doesn’t ask the question them selves and print the answer for us.

  2. We already have bans on smoking in work places and many public places in the UK. They are deeply unpopular and have led to the closure of many pubs.
    Of course the usual “Nanny knows best” brigade are beside themselves with glee.
    My own personal view is that smoking is a rather stupid habit for someone below a certain age to take up. Older folks were not so aware of the health risks and tobaco is a highly addictive drug.
    That said, I believe in freedom of choice more than protecting people “for their own good” who already know the facts. You want to increase your risk of dying of cancer? Your choice – you have the facts and everyone has to die of something.
    Now we could have gone for the sensible option of designated smoking rooms within the workplace and pubs and nightclubs that choose to be either smoking or non-smoking establishments, letting the public vote with their feet. But we no longer do things in a sensible or reasonable manner here.
    So you now have the New York situation all over the UK with groups of smokers outside works entrances in all weathers.
    Not only is our ban not sensible, it is also viciously sneeky and underhand. Say you have a small company. You do all you can to stop smoking on the premises (which includes company vehicles) yet someone is caught by a local council snoop having a sly fag in a works van. They get fined £200. YOU get fined £1000. For something you have taken all reasonable steps to put a stop to and which occurred without your knowledge.
    Here endeth this mornings rant.

  3. Gyges,

    I think that’s where I lost my prec, er, ring. Nice photo.

  4. Tootie

    A peice of friendly advice: you either need to get back on your medications or seek help for your paranoia and logic issues.

  5. I think the mayor of this town has some issues.

    A few quotes from the second link:

    “There’s no reason people should smoke,” Bradburn said. “Nothing good ever came from smoking.”

    “We’re not going to have Big Brother peering into people’s homes,” Bradburn said. “We’re not talking about extremes — we’re talking about the honor system.”

    “I just know that I wish to God that someone had made my mother quit smoking. She might still be here today,” Bradburn said. “But, it should be an interesting discussion come Monday.”

  6. A temporary reprieve from the totalitarian state, as this will be standard procedure all over the country (not just for government workers) because of the fascist seizure of the health care industry.

    It won’t just be smoking either. It will be salt, tobacco, sugar use, and fats.

    If you cost the state money by indulging in things which bring disease (i.e. cost the state too much money), you will become an enemy of the state and forced at gunpoint to cease and desist.

  7. This may work for corporations and such but municipalities? Policia, Sig Heil……

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