Woman Charged After Tug-of-War Over Elderly Mother’s Applesauce

This video is getting a great deal of attention after the TSA brought charges against a woman, Nadine Hays, who is accused of hitting a TSA agent. Nadine Hays and a TSA agent got into a tug of war over a cooler with her grandmother’s applesauce. While you may want to do without the narrative, the video does raise the question of the basis for an assault charge.

Hayes was arrested a year ago at the Bob Hope airport with her now 93-year-old deceased mother. Her mother suffered from dementia and Hayes said that she emailed the TSA in advance about the extra baggage.

She has filed a lawsuit over the incident where she was charged with misdemeanor battery.

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12 thoughts on “Woman Charged After Tug-of-War Over Elderly Mother’s Applesauce”

  1. I’m the one that was arrested and put in jail for over 6 hours. I never hit anyone and was just trying to regain my own property. I must say that on my return trip I had a very professional TSA officer inspect the ice chest BEFORE I reached the security line, she took me up to a line that was not currently active, although it had personnel, and told the agents that she had inspected the ice chest and it was fine. Then all I had to do was put my gear on the belt and walk through the screening machine. IF IT HAS TO BE DONE, THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!! To give one of these agents the right to have you put in jail is ridiculous. It is like putting a gun in the hands of a child. The maximum power they should have is like a traffic ticket…sign the paper and agree to appear in court. I will do my best to see some changes get made. In the meantime, if you see TSA abuse at the airport I would try to videotape it with a cell phone camera, play a very low profile and get the agent’s name and badge number. Don’t send it in to TSA. Instead send it to tsa_abuse@hotmail.com. We do need to stand up for our rights. Good luck fellow Americans.

  2. carol:

    All absolute power corrupts. Government officials seem to have forgotten this lesson or never learned it.

    The TSA has absolute power to assault you and me and terrorize you and me UNTIL someone steps in and says your and I are innocent.

    By then the damage, the assault, the sexual molestation, the forced participation in porn is already done.

    They send us away with a smile after having asked us to enjoy the rape.

  3. FormerLEO:

    You will notice that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have continued Bush’s policies?

    I’m sure your just accidentally overlooked that.

  4. I rarely fly but went to Florida from Ohio last month. All the TSA people in Ohio were fine, even helpful. Two Florida agents need to learn how to behave in public. That includes the one I overheard saying she was glad it was Friday. Having that exact same sentiment myself most Fridays I smiled at her. Only then did I realize she was glad to get away from the stupid ‘cattle’. She glared at me so I immediately put on my passive, I see or hear nothing face and looked straight ahead…just like a good little nobody. The arrogance emanating from her was palpable. Some people should never be given any authority over anyone or anything.

    Is there any testing at all for abusive personality traits before these people are hired? If the TSA really wants to protect the public they need to start with their own employees.

  5. I certainly did not observe any battery in my complete viewing of the video.

    Them ‘terrerists’ a’hidin’ in them caves in ferrin’ evil-doin’ countries has already won in so many, many ways…

    Thank you George W. Bush for enjoining us all—forever—into your Fool’s Paradise, USA.

  6. We had a run in with morons like this, but when the police showed up they chewed out the TSA people for being morons.

    Thankfully not all cops believe everything they are told by these idiots.

  7. just stand in line with your shoes in your hand and do what the man in the uniform says. you are an amerikan aren’t you?

  8. I once watched the TSA pull three pre teen girls out of line to give their teddy bear back packs the once over. They were very thorough too. I thought there was suppose to be a separate line at security just to deal with this sort of thing. As for the assault, I suppose if you look at someone funny now that is considered assault. Every airport has their own protocol, just to throw the old ladies off their game…we are a nation with zero common sense, none of these TSA folks could see that the mom needed to be attended to. Thankgod it wasn’t my mom…I get really loud…would have been arrested for assault on the ear drum….

  9. Yet another reason no one in my family is EVER going to fly anywhere in the U.S. Not that we HAVE anywhere to fly TO, it’s the principle of the thing!

  10. TSA employees are perverts who advocated molesting women and making porno shots of them.

    You have to be an absolute moron and idiot to believe these women any threat to anyone.

    I’m surprised they didn’t shoot her dead on the spot.

  11. And I hope she wins. I used to fly a lot and TSA in Florida is over the edge.

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