Saudi Hunters Post Video Bragging About Killing Endangered Species

The video below features two of Saudi hunters who filmed their own depraved sense of sport: competing who could shot more endangered animals. The hunters display prohibited sniper rifles used to hunt gazelles in a massacre — that they proudly lay out on the desert floor.

The hunters not only used prohibited rifles and killed endangered species but did so on a protected reserve.

The Saudi government has called for witnesses to come forward and has reportedly arrested one of the men. The men speak in a dialect from a region near Riyadh and officials believe they were hunting in Uruq Bani Ma’arid nature reserve.

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15 thoughts on “Saudi Hunters Post Video Bragging About Killing Endangered Species”

  1. “…maybe they had a big family to feed.”

    That is not killing for food – that is slaughter simply because they can, and because no one stops them.

    That is moronic, “…kill it because we have bullets and a truck, and because it is a moving, useful, amusing target – because it pleasures us…”

    Vapid, less-than-childish, pointless violence like that deserves a violent, slow, fearful death. They should be staked out, spreadeagled in the sun against that truck of theirs, then slowly shot to rags, from a distance so that they cannot see the bullets coming, beginning with feet and hands and moving slowly inward towards the body…

    Then they would know some of the terror and dread they caused in those gazelles.

    Do not allow them to die until they have suffered at least a day that way – then leave their wretched remains for the birds, as they are not worthy of burial.

  2. @Jericho:
    Also an endangered species in the land of Saud: reasonable humans

    As opposed to the wonderful enlightenment we enjoy here in the US? Perhaps you should check in on the news a bit.

    All countries have morons, thieves, jerks, wasterals, arrogant dicks, religiously insane, insensitive bastards – really the list of human ills is quite long & includes pointless exclusionary bigots and xenophobia.

  3. Perhaps these guys are causing the earthquakes. Somebody call Senior Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi.

  4. Mespo:

    You will never get the US to interfere with Saudi Arabia unless we find a 500 year supply of oil and gas in our country but that is not going to happen because of environmental restrictions.

    Bush is holding their hand and Obama is bowing to them, what do you expect from us? Solar power and wind power are not ready for prime time yet, coal has been taken out of production, oil and gas drilling is restricted, nuclear power is restricted. Almost every single thing that would have reduced or eliminated our dependence on them has been curtailed in the name of environmentalism. I am wondering if the Saudi’s and the Sierra Club are partners.

    What is your solution? Our hands are tied.

  5. Byron:

    “what do you expect from them?”


    The question is what do I expect from us.

  6. Rafflaw:

    Do you have to make everything political? It is likely that these creeps think Bush is a hated infidel.

    You distract from the barbarism of the situation.

  7. Mespo:

    what do you expect from them? Aristotle talked about them in his day and came to the conclusion that you can take them out of the desert but you cant take the desert out of them. In other words you are not going to civilize primitive goat herders. Apparently what was true over 2,000 years ago is true today.

    But the other side is maybe they had a big family to feed.

  8. Ah, men’s men and icons of machismo. Misogynistic and with no regard for the planet. Why are we defending these people?

  9. And these are supposed to be the “Good Guys”? No wonder Bush was such a good pal to the Saudi’s. They have the same mentality of greed and stupidity.

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