Terror Tots: Girl Suspended for Terroristic Threat in Pointing Finger At Teacher and Saying “Pew, Pew”

Our war on terror has nailed another domestic terrorist in our midst. This one is Taylor Trostle who was found lurking in the Bleyl Middle School in Houston, Texas. Trostle, 13, made her move at the end of math class when she suddenly turned on a teacher pointing her finger at her and said “Pew! Pew!” Thankfully, the teacher survived and Trostle was charged with terroristic threat.

Now, there are going to be some bleeding heart, terrorist-loving liberals who are going to question why an adult teacher, school administrator, police and prosecutors would ever allow such charges to be brought. However, they have not seen videos from Al Qaeda camps where recruits drill in the use of finger guns.

Indeed, Al Qaeda operatives have been spotted in other schools with finger guns, here. Notably, using “Pew” rather than “Pow” indicates the use of a silencer — which is also illegal in all states.

Taylor Trostle’s mother, Kristin Trostle, insisted “I was shocked because it just seems ludicrous and appalling.” Yes, it is appalling to see a terrorist raised in our homeland and taught to use finger weapons. One can only image the arsenal of finger weapons at the Trostle home: arm bazookas, fist grenades, and, yes, thumb plunger bombs.

What is astonishing is that she was suspended for just three days. What will protect the children upon her return? She is known to carry her fingers wherever she goes. In the meantime, how about this courageous seventh grade math teacher who faced a fully loaded index finger? I can only imagine the Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues that will follow in the years to come.

We have been following the zero tolerance policies imposed by school officials around the country, here and here and here and here. For prior columns, click here and here.

What concerns me is that such finger weaponry has been displayed in sports events (left) and has been used in finger gun suicides (right).

Yet, these school administrators are likely to be portrayed as total morons who teach children to impose rules without a modicum of judgment or logic. They are the ones on the firing line facing this menace. Here is what they face:

I will remind you that any given child has an arsenal of eight potential finger guns as well as such devices as thumb plunger bombs. In any given school, that is a potential stock of thousands of finger weapons with unlimited ammo. Unless we are going to outfit all teachers with palm shields and make believe body armor, we have to remove these terroristic tots before they organize and attack in mass.

Now, I know I will be hearing from the National Finger Rifle Association and how if finger guns are crimes only criminals will have finger guns. However, videos below show how people often treat these weapons as toys:

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  1. Your comments were hysterical..finger gun suicides, arm bombs! it reflects the absolute silliness of the entire thing. But also how real and how quickly this country is bowing to the perceived threat of terrorism fed to them by the media.It is a good thing the teacher wasn’t gay, the kid would have been jailed for hate crimes
    Yes the threat is real and has been, but incidents like this are just one in thousands playing out all over this amoral country.

  2. As Taylor Trostle’s real father (Kristin and her new fiance Kyle are the ones quoted, not me.) Please allow me to weigh in. As far as I know Taylor has never even held a gun. The “PEW, PEW” business comes from a female comic we saw on Comedy Central. This particular comic was demonstrating just how badly she imitated the sound of a gun when she was a child. I probably laughed a bit too much at that and it struck a chord with Taylor.

    There are two sides to every story and the school and teacher in question were given ample time and opportunity to tell their side. I know my ex-wife can be a bit confrontational and perhaps
    she rubbed the school or the teacher the wrong way. Still that’s no excuse. The Teacher feared for her life? Puuuh-leeze!!

    Is she dangerous? No! Perhaps the middle name I saddled her with gave everyone some problems. Her full name is Taylor Rebel Trostle. Before you think I’m some southern racist who is waiting for the south to rise again, it is the name of my high school mascot. The Westbury Rebels. At the time I thought it was cute. In retrospect…maybe not so much! This ridiculous situation appears to filled with stubborn people bent on a playing a game of tug-o-war with my child caught in the middle.

    Perhaps Taylor shouldn’t have been playing around at the end of math class, but labeling her a terrorist for life. Pardon the pun..but it’s OVERKILL!

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  4. Wow, I can’t believe someone would write someone up for that. Talk about over sensitive.

  5. Yes, “PEW PEW” actually denotes a lazer gun. However, it may also denote bullets ricocheting. I retired my finger guns a long time ago though so i may be mistaken.

  6. The onomatopoetic “Pew, Pew” is obviously representative of a laser gun, such as that from science FICTION movies.

    If the student had meant it as a REAL threat, she surely would have made a more harsh, guttural sound. Something to represent, say, a Glock 23 or an XD45.

    Whoah!! Then she REALLY would have been in trouble!

  7. 1) “terroristic threats” is a stupid over-the-top term
    2) teacher “fearing for her life” is overly-dramatic.
    3) “suspension” seems excessive

    HOWEVER, I think this kid was intentionally playing head games and being disrespectful. I think the little girl is lying through her teeth (probably coached by her mother) in saying that she was pretending to shoot at the markers on the board. I find it highly likely that, because she said “pew pew” rather than “pow pow” that she was mocking Clint Eastwood from the movie “Gran Torino”…….that she very much intended to be menacing. Lastly, I don’t think that there would be all this “outrage” if it were a middle school boy so there is a sexism/brainwashed chivalry aspect about that.

  8. I love these stories. At my high school in 2002, a teacher of one of the “smart” classes pulled out a real gun, aimed it at a student, and said “bang, bang” and guess what happened? After a ton of complaints from students and parents, the principal asked the teacher if it was true. She said no, and that was that.

    Even though that should be the extreme case when imagining if the shoe was on the other foot, imagine the lesser case. If a teacher brings a toy solider with a gun to school, if a teacher has a picture of a gun on a notepad, if a teacher makes a gun symbol with their hand. What will happen? *Maybe* a slap on the wrist. The school system’s treatment of this stuff is disgusting.

  9. So much hilarious reasoning. With all the school shootings these days, it’s hard for me to believe that stressed out teachers aren’t afforded SOME sort of reaction. And yes, the reaction does look absurd from the outside (and it does)… but absurdity is also a twelve-year old coming to class with a loaded weapon and revenge list.

    Let’s not be so simple in our reasoning.

    Besides, aren’t we readying children for the eventual police state, anyway? Aerial drones are being introduced to this country and parks departments have SWAT teams. And offering the same “pew pew” gesture to a police officer carries with it a heftier penalty.

    No, you aren’t as correct as you think. And most of you scoffers are partially-responsible for the status quo, anyway. So feel superior, laugh at it all, and accept that it will only get worse.

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