Terror Tots: Girl Suspended for Terroristic Threat in Pointing Finger At Teacher and Saying “Pew, Pew”

Our war on terror has nailed another domestic terrorist in our midst. This one is Taylor Trostle who was found lurking in the Bleyl Middle School in Houston, Texas. Trostle, 13, made her move at the end of math class when she suddenly turned on a teacher pointing her finger at her and said “Pew! Pew!” Thankfully, the teacher survived and Trostle was charged with terroristic threat.

Now, there are going to be some bleeding heart, terrorist-loving liberals who are going to question why an adult teacher, school administrator, police and prosecutors would ever allow such charges to be brought. However, they have not seen videos from Al Qaeda camps where recruits drill in the use of finger guns.

Indeed, Al Qaeda operatives have been spotted in other schools with finger guns, here. Notably, using “Pew” rather than “Pow” indicates the use of a silencer — which is also illegal in all states.

Taylor Trostle’s mother, Kristin Trostle, insisted “I was shocked because it just seems ludicrous and appalling.” Yes, it is appalling to see a terrorist raised in our homeland and taught to use finger weapons. One can only image the arsenal of finger weapons at the Trostle home: arm bazookas, fist grenades, and, yes, thumb plunger bombs.

What is astonishing is that she was suspended for just three days. What will protect the children upon her return? She is known to carry her fingers wherever she goes. In the meantime, how about this courageous seventh grade math teacher who faced a fully loaded index finger? I can only imagine the Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues that will follow in the years to come.

We have been following the zero tolerance policies imposed by school officials around the country, here and here and here and here. For prior columns, click here and here.

What concerns me is that such finger weaponry has been displayed in sports events (left) and has been used in finger gun suicides (right).

Yet, these school administrators are likely to be portrayed as total morons who teach children to impose rules without a modicum of judgment or logic. They are the ones on the firing line facing this menace. Here is what they face:

I will remind you that any given child has an arsenal of eight potential finger guns as well as such devices as thumb plunger bombs. In any given school, that is a potential stock of thousands of finger weapons with unlimited ammo. Unless we are going to outfit all teachers with palm shields and make believe body armor, we have to remove these terroristic tots before they organize and attack in mass.

Now, I know I will be hearing from the National Finger Rifle Association and how if finger guns are crimes only criminals will have finger guns. However, videos below show how people often treat these weapons as toys:

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74 thoughts on “Terror Tots: Girl Suspended for Terroristic Threat in Pointing Finger At Teacher and Saying “Pew, Pew””

  1. She was a child being instructed by a teacher. If the child misbehaved, it is ultimately the teacher’s failing. A teacher pressing criminal charges against their own student is tantamount to the teacher admitting abject failure. They should quit teaching.

    The police that were called should not have responded to the teacher’s request to arrest or cite the child. I have been in several situations where the police have refused to cite based on a citizen’s complaint. Let’s hope a judge throws this out at preliminary hearing or the DA drops it before.

  2. If someone ever points their finger at you then point your palm at them and pretend your Iron Man then you’ll cause more harm than their wait what’s the ammo for finger guns? their finger nail? ok so then point your palm at them and pretend your Iron Man then you’ll cause more damage than their nail. but then wouldn’t it be considered a nail gun?

  3. Notably, using “Pew” rather than “Pow” indicates the use of a silencer — which is also illegal in all states.
    Silencers are not illegal in all states. Pay the required $200 tax to the Federal government and fill out ATF form 4 and you too can own a silencer.

    Good post otherwise. 🙂

  4. Hey, That is no thing to be joking around about… I’m in school daily getting shot by finger weapons. They hurt so damn bad and I don’t think I can take it anymore. I have tried everything… Gloves, Mittens… Nothing will make them stop. The pain is just so unbearable and cannot be tolerated…


    Oh, By the way, I’m a Junior in high school…

  5. sorry, I gotta go with the teacher on this one. and saying things like “terrorist loving liberals” doesn’t exactly help with your credibility.

  6. I think this was over exadurated. Punishing someone for pointing a finger. When happenings have took place of school shooting it has mostly been because these people have been bullied so instead of punishing fingers punish them bullies.

  7. This is the funniest spin I’ve seen since the onion. You sir are now on my list of sites to read daily.

  8. This exact thing happened at my old high school a few years back. The only difference was that a teacher did it to a student. Instead of the teacher being suspended he was actually fired. Crazy stuff.

  9. Ah, come on! “Pew, Pew” is a laser sound!! Laser pistols don’t exist yet (…or so THEY tell us…), this was clearly not a threat!

  10. Objectively, this feels like an overreaction for sure. But like previous comments pointed out, it all depends on the context in which it happened. Pointing a “finger-gun” at someone and saying “pew pew” can definately be interpreted as a threat.

    As for my personal opinion, I’m kinda giggling at this. There are many stories out there of teachers being accused of sexual harassment or bullying students. How serious are those accusations taken? Very seriously… and when the accusation ends up being a bunch of lies and the teacher is free to go back to work, there always remain a doubt and the teacher’s reputation is tainted forever. So this feels like a nice pay back. But again, not sure how successful it was since the teacher is the one getting bashed again… Who in their right mind would like to be a teacher nowaday?


    P.S. I’m not a teacher. It was a career choice at some point but I changed my mind. In fact, anything that involves public relations seems to be a very bad choice nowaday. Respect is almost non-existent. I’ve seen parents yell at teachers because their kid failed an exam and that he should pass because he worked hard on this. WTF???

  11. How many school shooting have we had within the past few years? I would think a lot. Most of you have probably never worked in the profession, and therefore do not understand what it’s like to be in a room with 30 students who are hormonal and some who do not know the difference between right and wrong let alone the lock downs, bomb threats, etc. that schools are threatened with everyday. It’s a little insensitive to assume the teacher over reacted. How about a little sympathy to an educator and woman who doesnt want to see her life go down as others have before.

  12. Damn, what is this world coming to? This young terrorist should have had that finger chopped off lest she engages in more “finger warfare?” Let us stop this terror before someone goes further and eradiucates the whole worl by “putting a foot in it!”

  13. Now, if the child in question pointed her finger gun at the teacher and said, rather than implied, that I want to kill you, what action on the part of the school would be justified?

    If she thereafter changed fingers to the middle one and pointed it at a policeman or woman, I wonder what would happen.

    Frankly, we put too much meaning into gestures and words.

    Indeed, if she were stalking you with her finger, perhaps a restraining order would be needed.

    Finally, I will point out the most egregious computerized finger gesture of all time that society tolerates without question. I am referring to the digital rectal exam. I personally feel this should be grounds for assault and all proctologists should be prosecuted.

  14. Joe Lieberman and I agree that she should be stripped of her citizenship and locked away indefinitely. We must protect our freedom!

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