5 thoughts on “Catcher in the Why: Student Leaps To Victory As Catcher Wonders Where the Runner Went”

  1. Unbelievable.

    I saw the Yankees play last week. The guys seemed positively unwilling to give their all physically.

    Now, I don’t mean they have to leap over catchers, but they even seemed reluctant to slide or dive for a ball.

    I cannot wait until my darling spouse comes home and sees this video. One of the highlights of our week is sharing Jonathan Turley video selections.

  2. I post Buckner’s error because for every good play, as above, there are innumerable errors…

  3. As a Mighty-Mite little leaguer who got tagged out between 3rd Base and Home Plate—thereby *losing* the final championship game for my team on that game ending crucial play—I applaud that kid for his exceptional efforts. I too was waved-in by the 3rd Base coach, but for some reason I hesitated and my comparative acrobatic agilities were far inferior—okay, nonexistent—to the video’s athlete.

    There are just some aspects of life that a kid can never forget or live down, even after 5 subsequent decades of trials, tribulations, and success as an adult. Mine was an infamous “Buckner” moment over a quarter-century *before* Bill’s fielding error in the World Series, while the kid in the video will have baseball base runnin’ braggin’ rights henceforth.

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