Two California University Students Arrested for Torturing Hamsters and Then Posting Video on YouTube

Henry Nguyen, 18, of Oakland, and Josue Melendez, 19, are accused of a bizarre crime: torturing two hamsters and posting the video on Facebook and YouTube.

Both are students at the University of California, Davis and were arrested for felony animal cruelty and conspiracy. Melendez denies any wrongdoing while police say Nguyen (above) was equivocal.

Police say that the students purchased one hamster at PetCo and hit it with a ruler and then put it inside of a cup and lit the bottom on fire. They then allegedly returned to PetCo to buy a second hamster the next day. That second hamster, named Robo, allegedly was tortured by Nguyen who hit him and put a Q-tip in its mouth and lighting it on fire.

For the full story, click here and here.

12 thoughts on “Two California University Students Arrested for Torturing Hamsters and Then Posting Video on YouTube”

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  4. By the way, isn’t this (like the crush videos) free speech now?

    the video is. but the person who made the video is still bubba’s bitch

  5. I’m sure we are looking at a very important use of their time.

    By the way, isn’t this (like the crush videos) free speech now?

  6. @ gs — legally, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime (sometimes there is also a requirement that some overt act has been taken in furtherance of the conspiracy). Animal cruelty is a crime (apparently a felony in that jurisdiction). Many prosecutors intentionally charge the highest crime the conduct will allow in order to give people incentives to take plea deals.

  7. Charged with felony animal cruelty and conspiracy?

    By all means suspend them for a semester. Maybe even expel them.

    But a felony? And what was the conspiracy if they put the videos on YouTube?

    Some civil servants in law enforcement are trying to justify their phony baloney jobs.

  8. What were they going to UC-Davis for? Why do we have more compassion for animals than people? Did they per chance go to school in Columbine?

  9. “That second hamster, named Robo, allegedly was tortured by Nguyen who hit him and put a Q-tip in its mouth and lighting it on fire.”


    I wonder how Nguyen’s going to feel when Bubba from Cellblock C puts his “Q-tip” in his mouth and “light it on fire.”

  10. Ah, the glory of the First Amendment. At least they graciously provided the proof that sent them away. Put ’em in irons!

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