Riddle Me This: Texas Rep Calls for Adoption of Arizona Immigration Law

Rep. Debbie Riddle of Tomball, Texas has announced that she will seek to introduce the Arizona immigration law in Texas. While criticized as unconstitutional by both conservatives and liberals alike, Riddle wants to see the law adopted in the Lone Star state. I will be discussing the constitutionality of the law on tonight’s Countdown.

Riddle insists that she is merely trying “to make sure that the safety and security of Texans.”

In the meantime, conservatives like Tom Tancredo are denouncing the law as unconstitutional.

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  1. Texas is around 36% latino/hispanic(citizens), and that proportion is growing steadily. It would be akin to cutting its own throat for the Texas GOP to get behind an AZ-style law, because the last thing they want to do there is energize Latinos to register and vote their numbers at the polls. If they did that, Texas could turn “blue” no later than 2016, which would be catastrophic for the national GOP.

  2. *IF* we wanted to do something about illegal immigration, the answer is simple: Beef up enforcement and penalties big-time on employers who hire illegal aliens.

    And it might not be such a bad idea during these economic times. Illegal aliens drive down wages, and fill positions that legal workers could fill. And please, don’t tell me that that illegal aliens only fill the jobs that no one else wants. (No one wants those jobs because those jobs pay below minimum wage! :D)

    I spoke to a house-painting contractor in Texas who told me how no one wanted those jobs. And how he couldn’t afford to pay more than $2.00 an hour. (This guy only worked 6 months of the year, and vacationed the other six) Up here in Vermont, we seem to be able to fill all our house painting positions with legal workers who make substantially more than minimum wage. Wonder how that can be?

    Let’s do immigration the way it is supposed to be done – legally. And that means making the legal process a lot easier and faster than it is now.

  3. I would expect an intelligent place like Texas would be all over this immigration racial profiling bill. I was surprised that the Republican candidate who suggested that the country should microchip all illegal aliens was from Iowa and not Texas!

  4. I’m in San Antonio. If this grandstanding state rep. thinks she’s going to get enough of her fellow lege members to vote for such a law, especially those who have sense enough not to want to piss off the immigrant population in Texas, she’s in for a shock. There are immigrants all over this state, both documented and undocumented. The undocumented ones work and add to the state’s economy, and the documented ones work, add to the state’s economy, and vote.

    Also keep in mind that the Texas legislature meets only every two years, and the state constitution limits the regular session to 140 days. They don’t go back into session until January next year. By that time the Justice Department will have weighed in on the AZ law and the myriad lawsuits being planned will be wending their way through the court system. Texas will not spend time on this; the lady will have a difficult time getting such a bill out of committee much less onto the floor calendar of the Texas House.

    As for our infamous Governor Perry, there are many of us working diligently to unceremoniously dump him from office. He’s already been in office too long, and he’s become a national embarassment to his office with his talk of secession. The polls are looking better for Bill White every day despite macho-man photos on last week’s Newsweek cover. The rep. from Tomball in particular and the daily-more-insane actions of Republicans in general are the best campaign gifts we could have hoped for.

  5. Just saw Jonathan on Countdown… never looked at the blog before. Awesome. I will be reading more, and will check daily.

  6. Byron,

    The short answer is vagueness and encouraging racial profiling (both no-no’s) and lack of jurisdiction. Traditionally the Border Patrol has been a Federal body. This allows state cops to perform some of their functions. As I believe Mike A and you both pointed out, an unfair extra burden on the good cops who just want to do their job. It’s also the kind of thing that could make a good cop go bad. The first time this will blow up in their face is when they pick up a Hispanic American citizen with no ID on him and deport him. And it will happen – some dude on a bender looses his ID and it’s game on. It was played for laughs in “Born In East L.A.” but there will be nothing funny about the reality of it when it happens.

    It also endangers the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution and the right of Freedom of Movement – strongly ruled upon in Saenz v. Roe as being closely related to the rights of Freedom of Association and Freedom of Expression. However, the TSA has since trampled on that right a bit with some help of our old buddy, the Patriot Act (may it burn in Hell if there is one).

    This kind of law also encourages expansive abuse if other states adopt the same. Consider this hypothetical: Minnesota wants to do the same thing with Canadians sneaking in (it does happen). Are they going to start asking every white person they stop if they like poutine (fries with gravy for you not familiar with that Canadian staple) as a test question? Are you now or have you ever been a Rush or Saga fan? Do you like hockey? Is that a Molson t-shirt? If a passenger says “eh” during a traffic stop, is that probable cause? And what about Canada’s large Asian population? Illegals come in more colors than brown. They cover the spectrum of human skin color (and languages).

    It’s a slippery slope and this one does indeed lead to “papers please” for everyone.

    There are also going to be probable cause issues in many cases where they try to enforces this incidental to traffic stops (the most likely and frequent application of this law). And make no mistake, driving “while brown” will get you stopped if they are allowed to go through with this in Arizona. They’ve already got one out of control Nazi cop there (Arpaio). This is like throwing gas on a fire.

    Incidental to other criminal arrests is probably not as problematic as ID is a standard part of charging a criminal defendant. It’s long been the practice when arresting illegals for crimes committed here to sentence them if found guilty and deport them after their sentence is served. Very often they get deported anyway even if the charges are dismissed as those are easy pickings for INS/ICE.

    And six months later, some coyote runs them across the border again.

    The problem is less illegal immigration as it is the cause of dual cause illegal immigration:

    1) Mexico is a oligarchical economic wasteland and will soon be a security threat as they battle (unsuccessfully) the drug cartels. Mexico is one state I can say with through conviction is more corrupt and unbalanced than our current debacle in D.C. It’s as big a disaster as some African governments. If they had a real economy and not a robber baron economy, there would be a lot less illegals coming here for work. And that is what most of them come here for – to make money to support their families back home.

    2) The immigration processes currently in place can be both difficult and very very time consuming. I do think a streamlined worker visa program of some sort could help ease this issue while providing adequate ID should the person commit a crime while here.

    That’s the short version. I’m sure the Prof will give you a better picture on Olbermann tonight.

  7. According the latest Rasmussen poll Perry is only ahead of Bill White by 4 points. If he goes along with this he will push Hispanic turnout and lose the election. Where is AY? I have not seen him on here for awhile.


    your response is bravo sierra Marxist talking points. I am asking a question about the validity of doing something like this. I am not interested in what hap pended 200 plus years ago.

    The Soviet Union and Communist China killed some 100 million people trying to implement communism within the last 80 years. If you want to go death for death Marx is going to prevail in deaths caused by his philosophy. Jefferson and his band of merry slave owners don’t even manage a blip on that bar graph.

    The question is whether or not Arizona is able to do this legally and if they can, should they.

  9. The Arizona Daily Star in Tucson has the best coverage of any online news source in AZ. It is the best place for the illegal immigration issue (although somewhat a left-leaning news outlet in the conservative AZ). The comment sections provide an idea of the public sentiments, pro/con.

    “Tells citizens to skip state due to immigrant measure; binational forum canceled
    Mexico issues travel warning

    The Mexican government is urging U.S.-bound shoppers to avoid Arizona or prepare for unprovoked harassment by police.

    The governor of Sonora has called off the binational Arizona-Mexico Commission meeting – suspending the tourism and trade meeting for the first time in 50 years – as federal politicians urged him to interrupt partnerships with Arizona.”


  10. I encourage Prof Turley and others to read this article posted on the blawg Above The Law. Mr. Vogt is also an Arizona State legislator who was chosen by his UA Law School classmates to speak at graduation ceremonies and some of whom now want to rescind his speaking invitation because of his vote/support for the *illegal* immigration law et al.

    Reasonable and intelligent people have legitimate disagreements with this law and we must all consider the facts instead of the inflammatory rhetoric.

    Immigration Debate Causes University of Arizona Law Students to Turn on Fellow 3L Ted Vogt
    By Kashmir Hill


  11. Byron–

    HOW white do you suppose people have to be in order NOT to be asked for their papers when stopped for “something else.”

  12. Byron,

    one small remark. The US was founded by a group of slave owners that wanted to be free. That sets alarms off on my bs-meter. What you don’t get to do is this: invade a continent, kill all natives and then claim we should close the melting pot and that “illegal immigrants” are by definition breaking the law…

    Maybe after we have world peace I let you ask someone his papers ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Professor Turley,

    I trust that you have read the law against *illegal* immigration fully and completely before your appearance tonight.

  14. Buddha:

    if Arizona is following the federal statute how is that a bad thing? Supposedly the police have to stop you for something else.

    It does sound ominously like “show me zee papers”. And by the very definition of “illegal immigration” a law has been broken. The more I hear about this the more I am wondering what the problem is.

    Personally I think they should give illegal immigrants some sort of legal work status let them stay and shut the borders down for a few years to let the melting pot simmer.

    Would you please, in your fashion of clarity, shine some light on this for me?. The pros, cons and the legal statutes and future ramifications.

    The idea of stopping someone and asking for their papers is beyond the pale, but breaking our laws isn’t a good way to ingratiate yourself. What would you propose, if anything?

    Thank you for your time in advance.

  15. Buddha,

    It didn’t take long for you to come up with a couple of answers. You think we could add the dancin’ dude Tom DeLay to the list of of correct answers?

  16. mmmmm W?

    Rick Perry?

    Is this one of those riddle with multiple answers, Elaine? Like how is a raven like a writing desk? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Here’s a RIDDLE for you:

    What’s dumb, lives in Texas, and dosen’t have a clue about the Constitution?

    Methinks Debbie doesn’t need a helmet. Not with a skull that dense!

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