Ox Tale: Chinese Gymnast Stripped of Medal After Officials Find China Lied About Her Age

For years, experts have accused China of lying about the age of its gymnasts in using underaged girls at the Olympic Games. Now, the International Olympic Committee has confirmed that China did lie to the world about the age of gymnast Dong Fangxiao who won the bronze medal in the Sydney Games. Her blog states that she had been born in the Year of the Ox, which ran from February 1985 to February 1986 — three years later than previously stated by China.

Despite years of such controversies, the Olympic committee continues to take China’s word for the age of such gymnasts with the simple presentation of easy forged documents as in the most recent controversy in the 2008 games, here. This includes the scandal over the age of medalist He Kexin, here.

Previously, one Chinese medalist admitted that her age was falsified in 2000. Yang Yun won two bronze medals and apparently was not required to give them back (which may explain the lack of deterrence on the issue).

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) stated it “conducted an inquiry which showed that the athlete was only 14 years old during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.”

Though China gave a birthdate to the FIG of Jan. 20th 1983, she was found to have been born on Jan. 23rd 1986. That would have made her 14 in Sydney.

For the full story, click here and here.

9 thoughts on “Ox Tale: Chinese Gymnast Stripped of Medal After Officials Find China Lied About Her Age”

  1. LOL, white people still bitter over the lost by the Red Chinese. I see that none of the fraud involves the Gold Medal winnings.

  2. Wow, someone would cheat at a sport. I am in shock and awe.

  3. Sorry Carlyle I don’t do html, only typing I’m afraid.

    Now, could you elaborate on this breast theory of yours. Perhaps with a few illustrative photo’s and video clips………

  4. It seems to me that gymnastic authorities have got their age restrictions the wrong way around. Their should be an upper age limit for competition since the bodies of girls who actually have breasts are obviously too top heavy and unwieldy for them to compete safely.

  5. Quite the contrary Blouise.
    The Chinese are very obviously the victims in all this and they are “pained” by this affair.
    Why oh why can you not understand that this is all part of an evil plot by “Tibetan” separatists who will not accept that China is only a force for good in this part of greater China.
    End of sarcasm mode.

  6. I’m trying . . . I’m trying . . . I’M TRYING . . . UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

    Nope, I can’t give a shit. The Olympics is a giant criminal organization designed to line the pockets of a select few. The various national committees are often little better. The stench of phony nationalism, self-aggrandizement and greed permeates the whole affair. Oh dear! Someone cheated! Who would ever do something so dastardly during such a pure endeavor!

    Pass the HGH and steroids honey, thar’s gold in then thar shots & gold can be turned into real money.

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