How Not To Make An Impression on Your Girlfriend’s Mother: Indiana Man Arrested For Allegedly Running Over Woman After Dispute Over the Car Radio

Brent Heitz, 30, likes his music loud and apparently doesn’t like his girlfriend’s mother at all. After Connie Farr told Heitz to turn down the music in his car, Heitz reportedly ran her over and left her on the road.

Farr reportedly got out of the car when Heitz tried to hit her. He then allegedly put the car in reverse and ran her over. He was upset that she wanted the music turned down.

Heitz was eventually tracked down by a police dog hiding in someone’s backyard and proceeded to allegedly spit and shout at officers.

He is now charged with criminal recklessness, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and operating a vehicle without a license.

The mother was released with non-threatening injuries.

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14 thoughts on “How Not To Make An Impression on Your Girlfriend’s Mother: Indiana Man Arrested For Allegedly Running Over Woman After Dispute Over the Car Radio”

  1. Well just to let you guys know that someone with tattos aint always bad!! everyone quick to judge someone by the way they look! all you guys know is her part of the story!!! he didnt do it on purpose!! i know him very well and he has a kind Heart and would never do anything to hurt anyone on purpose!!! he is not a looser !! and has done very well in life!

  2. The “Tears” on the left eye are usually gang related hits. I see that he has two.

    rafflaw, most of the carnival workers start out from Indiana. U of I as I recall…..

  3. Agreed, if you have tattooed words for eyebrows you should just report to the county jail for lock up. It would save you a lot of grief and spare tax payers the cost of tracking you down & putting you on trial. Its just a matter of time so save us all the effort.

  4. Heitz’s favorite 60s tune, ‘Mother-In-Law’ (Albeit Common Law M-I-L in this instance)

  5. Every time I see some fool who has mutilated his face with tattoos, it translates to me as “Look at me, I am a moron.”

    There ought to be a requirement to post a disclaimer in all tattoo shops: “Caution tattoos on your face may lead to unemployment and personal ridicule.”

  6. Maaarrghk!

    Well played.

    Although I think it might be even funnier if he was the one announcing the joyous event. That’s just me.

  7. Maaarrghk!

    By the way Mum, I’m pregnant.


    It’s raining and very dreary here … your comment provided a much needed chuckle! Thanks

  8. Well.

    If that was just about the stereo, I wonder what happens in their family if the turkey is too dry at Thanksgiving.

  9. Well maybe he can get a ‘reversed’ tattoo of “STUPID” on his forehead…then when he looks in a mirror he gets a reminder…

  10. Rafflaw Most of Indiana is worse than Texas. I am not a defender of Texas but it is so large that many of the weird stories take place here.

  11. He looks like a real “catch” for the victim’s daughter! I would expect this from someone in Texas, but not Indiana!

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