Georgia Man Charged With Strangling Dachshund

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but some men are a dog’s worst menace. Dewayne Green, 49, is accused of taking out his anger on a 2-year-old Dachshund named Rocky who was left with a fractured skull and broken bones. He strangled and beat the dog in front of his two young children.

Rocky is recovering and Green is facing animal cruelty charges.

The police were alerted to the beatings by Green’s wife who filed for a temporary protective order.

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14 thoughts on “Georgia Man Charged With Strangling Dachshund”

  1. Ginger, you’ve done it again! I just wet ’em.

    BIL, can I start puppy time at 47? Puppies are cool.

  2. Mal-treatment of animals is the canary in the mine (no pun intended) for finding psychos. The law should be disproportionately heavy for offenders if only to be used to get these people on the books and into early treatment. Then geld them.

  3. I’m right along with the Queen and Buddha – excellent ideas, kudos to you both.

  4. Gingerbaker,

    You are a twisted individual.

    And I dig that about you. 😀

  5. I’m with Sheba. We had an international college student here who tortured, sodomized, killed and mutilated his neighbor’s dogs and cats. He was deported which was good news for us, but not so great for any animals and people he’s living near now. I have a vague and disturbing recollection of hearing that the pattern was his mother would sweep in and just move him to a new place when he got into trouble. The kid was obviously very ill. And if intensive interventions can help people like this, great. If not, you have to wonder what might set them off (and when?), to switch to going after people.

  6. And here I thought that ‘Strangling the dachshund’ was a euphemism. Education is a never-ending process. 🙂

  7. This man should be locked in a cage for half an hour with 30 angry America Stafforshire terriers.

  8. What Buddha and Queen of Sheba said.

    They covered the issue so well that I can’t think of anything to add. I particularly liked the Puppy Law.

  9. Queen of Sheba,

    Some time ago, I made a joke about if I were Emperor of Known Space, the first law I’d enact would be the Puppy Law.

    The Puppy Law: Every individual must play with a puppy (or if allergies prohibit some other cute playful creature) for 30 minutes a day starting at about age 7.

    This law would serve two purposes:

    1) It’s almost impossible to act like a douche bag all day if you’ve played with a puppy for a bit so it’d make the world a generally happier place.

    2) It would a fantastic screening tool for spotting sociopaths and psychopaths early on. Abusing animals is a known precursor behavior in serial killers. But whether serial killer dangerous or not, Puppy Time would help to spot these defective behaviors (as you said genetic or otherwise induced) and others early as possible. Thus allowing for getting them treatment or letting society know it needs to remove them from circulation and/or otherwise prevent them from harming others.

    I like your non-legal idea as well. I’ve long been a proponent for the Right to Arm Bears. Something like that would have kept Sarah Palin in check a long time ago.

    On the serious side, for traumatizing children like this clown did, the punishment should be far more severe than the penalties provided by most animal cruelty statutes. Those kids will carry that burden for a long time.

  10. The most dangerous people on planet earth are those who have no empathy for other living things. Whether their lack of empathy is a genetic mutation or a failure of effective parenting makes no difference. These people should be identified early in life, and there should be a way to “re-program” them to allow them to live in a civil society. Whether they need to be required to attend anger management therapy for their entire lives or be taken away to some uninhabited (by any living thing) atoll – something should be done to separate them from the rest of us. Lack of empathy is a threat none of us should have to live with.

    I know, I know, none of this is legal. How about allowing pets to carry guns for protection since the people in this country seem to think possession of firearms will solve all our problems….

  11. Unfortunately, I think most animal cruelty laws are too lenient. A moron in my county bought some live baby rabbits for his boa constrictor to eat. When the boa wasn’t interested, he just dumped the still living baby rabbits in the garbage. Next day the garbage was picked up and the garbagemen saw the recently dead babies. He was prosecuted and got a year. Guy was a sight with rivets in his nose and covered with tatoos.

    In this case you have the other issue of having the kids witness the cruelty. Hell is not hot enough for these people.

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