Florida Senator Under Attack For Looking At Nude Pictures During Abortion Debate

Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton (FL) has learned that one has to be careful what one views on the Senate floor. He is being attacked for looking at porn during the abortion debate in Florida.

Bennett insists that he was merely looking at a picture sent to him by a woman “who happens to be a former court administrator.” In his defense, he does appear to have simply opened the picture and moved on. It is not like he was watching Debbie Does Dallas while throwing a kegger for friends.

His defense, however, may need a little work: “I was just sitting there, bored as they were debating the abortion bill.” He may want to stick with asserting his “right to choose” under Roe v. Wade.

11 thoughts on “Florida Senator Under Attack For Looking At Nude Pictures During Abortion Debate”

  1. I can see his left arm. Does anyone know what the right hand was going?

  2. Byron,

    While I know it is difficult to be original nowadays, you should quote known phrases that someone else has coined; otherwise people assume that you were the originator.

    From 2004 (via a quick Google search):

    “Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s “tempest in a C cup”

    The author of the book was likely not the originator because he enclosed the phrase in quotes.

  3. Byron,

    That was a very witty turn of an old phrase. .

  4. Woosty’s still a Cat

    “This is definitely a tempest in a C cup.”

    lol!..omg….coffee on my clean shirt…Woosty’s still a Cat


    Iced tea on mine!

  5. I am a lesbian trapped in a males body. I understand the defense to be proffered.

  6. First off, on the “know it when you see it” standard, that hardly appears to be “porn.” A quick trip to the “Renaissance Painting and Sculpture” gallery at your local art museum will expose you to more boobage.

    Second, does anyone really need to pay attention to 90-something percent of the “abortion debate”? There are deeply religious people who want to use the government to impose a religious taboo on abortion through a set of legal prohibitions. The US Constitution means nothing if we as individual citizens don’t have the right to a degree of personal autonomy (aka “privacy”). The religious abortion-prohibitionists view their religious beliefs as more important than the Constitution. That’s about it. Frankly, oogling semi-naked pictures is a better use of one’s time than listening to religiously-based prohibitionists blather on, repeating the same arguments over and over.

  7. Looks to me like he opened it up went whoops and closed or deleted the file.

    This is definitely a tempest in a C cup.

  8. He was obviously trying to gather information on why women should be allowed to go about in public topless. He was still fighting for women’s rights!

    He was just doing some harmless research!

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