Get (Somewhat) Crazy: Court Dismisses Counts in “Jersey Shores” Lawsuit But Allows Case To Continue

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Joseph L. Foster has rejected an effort to dismiss a lawsuit involving MTV’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore” — known for its “Get Crazy” theme song. The lawsuit alleges that the producers engaged in a “criminal enterprise” by profiting from showing fights that they provoked between cast members.

Attorney Eugene LaVergne brought the lawsuit under the state’s racketeering statute and represents three people involved in drunken fights with cast member Ronnie Magro.

Stephen Izzo, Jr., 26, was attacked by Ronnie Ortiz-Magro who bragged that he knocked Izzo down with “one shot.” It also landed Magro in jail with a charge of aggravated assault. Foster refused to block the release of the DVD on the first season and dismissed some counts, but allowed the case to proceed.

However, LaVergne has his work cut out. The judge was critical of the complaint as failing to sufficiently allege facts and allegations on the remaining counts, noting “at this point, I’m not actually clear what the plaintiff is actually claiming.”

6 thoughts on “Get (Somewhat) Crazy: Court Dismisses Counts in “Jersey Shores” Lawsuit But Allows Case To Continue”

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  2. Here’s Gnarls!

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  3. Never watched so don’t know what they’re talking abut … don’t care either.

  4. It truly boggles my mind that anyone can watch “Jersey Shore”. Well, how can anyone watch any “reality” show is beyond me.

  5. They could just save time and money on title graphics for reality shows and just call all of them what they are: “Monkeys Behaving Badly”.

    But at least we are still broadcasting into space so the aliens will know we are not just a destructive species but stupid as well.

    Not that they need more evidence than can be currently obtained by visual inspection from orbit.

  6. I’ve never watched this show nor do I care to either.

    It appears to be full of self absorbed, attention seekers.

    Of course, what else is to be expected out of an MTV “reality” show or any other “reality” show for that matter?

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