He’s a Biter: Georgia Man Arrested for Biting Two Eight-year-Old Girls

When we deal with child torts in class, I always note that all kids are either biters or spitters. Gordon Kent Nelson, 44, shows that some adults also fall into one of these categories. Nelson has been arrested for allegedly biting two 8-year-old girls on two separate occasions.

He is facing misdemeanor battery charges for the bites on a hip and a calf.

One alleged victim was an overnight guest of Nelson’s daughter and the other was the daughter of a lady friend of Nelson.

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12 thoughts on “He’s a Biter: Georgia Man Arrested for Biting Two Eight-year-Old Girls”

  1. ever notice how often the words “bizarre” and “georgia” are linked

  2. Approprate punishment….remove all teeth! Unbelievable!!

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    But for a technical glitch I could have become wallpaper or is that wall splatter.

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    Otherwise I’d gladly relay that information.

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  8. Were I the visiting girl’s father, there’d be someone else with bite marks. Maybe some chunks missing. Creepy little pervert.

  9. Wow, that must be one really mean, nasty and unhappy person. Now if two consenting adults wanna play that way, go for it.

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