Married Couple in Dubai Win Appeal After Arrest for Having Sex in Car

A newly married Pakistani couple in Dubai won an appeal to overturn their conviction after police arrested them for having sex in their car. The problem was that the car windows were black-out and police had to knock repeatedly to get the couple to roll down the window.

The appellate court ruled that the police violated the couple’s privacy by peering through the window. When the man finally rolled down the window, he was naked. It was a good thing they were married. Other foreigners have not fared as well in the country which applies a Sharia-based morality code (here and here and here).

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3 thoughts on “Married Couple in Dubai Win Appeal After Arrest for Having Sex in Car”

  1. It reminds me of the old joke where the elderly woman calls the police to her home because her neighbor is exposing himself to her. When they arrive she leads them to a back bathroom and points across the wall. The cop says that he only sees a man shaving with his shoulders bare. She tells him to get up on her stool and she can see how really embarrassing thing actually are.

  2. “Dear Poly-chrome Industrial Tint,

    I never thought this would happen to me, but . . . “

  3. Wow, you might think that they would take the motto or slogan more to term in doing it right.

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